Meet the Change Makers


Our current team of LSE Change Makers were selected in November 2021, and will be working on their research projects throughout the rest of the 2021/22 academic year. Their findings and recommendations will be added to the Research Gallery in July 2022.

Here are the topics they will be investigating:

Including all our students

Project title

Student researcher(s)


How does LSE constrain or support the abilities and opportunities of students with invisible conditions?

Sam Crutcher & Bilal Vahidy

Social Policy & International Relations

Exploring Black British off-campus students' experiences of inclusion/exclusion in the LSE.

Abigail-Jennifer Tshola


The experience of gender non-conforming people at LSE.


International Relations

Exploring dis/abled students’ experience of the Student Union’s sports and societies. What can we do better? How can we help?

Isabella Marie Pelech & Kashi Syal

Methodology & Gender Studies

The experiences of young adult carers at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences: transition to the university, engagement, and perceptions of support measures offered.

Camille Bou

Health Policy

Inequality in access to, and experience of, postgraduate study in the LSE Sociology department.

Emily Butt


An investigation into the experiences and challenges faced by people of Faith in LSE.

Sibba Abdelhadi


Teaching, learning and assessment

Project title

Student researcher(s)


School of Public Policy 2021 - 2022 curriculum inclusivity report.

Samantha Heigl, Sally Jordan, Anushka Srivastava & Radhika Trivedi

School of Public Policy

Diversification and decolonisation of its taught postgraduate curriculum, European Institute.

Charlotte  Ennis

European Institute

Evaluating academic research opportunities for undergraduate students at LSE.

Cármen Pegas & Prisha Satwani

Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method & Mathematics

Which seminar approach has better learning outcomes according to students within the International Development Department?

Mauricio Baez Sedeno

International Development

Are Graduate Teaching Assistants falling through the cracks? An intersectional study.

Benjamin Brundu-Gonzalez, Riccardo Jaede, Jiewei Li & Remy-Paulin Twahirwa

Anthropology, Methodology & Sociology

What affects student experience of assessment at LSE?

Rafi Ahmed, Viniyya Ikram Rao & Tanvi Surana

International Relations, Psychological and Behavioural Science & Social Policy

The impact of assessment diversification on student outcomes.

Celine Mano


Students’ experiences of off-campus learning.

Needa Khan


The impact of grades in introductory economics modules on course selection by gender: a regression-discontinuity analysis.

Aleksandra Furmanek


Why do some students choose not to use LSE LIFE?


Psychological and Behavioural Science

Courses outside your department

Rianna Heer & Weronika Skiba


The wider student experience

Project title

Student researcher(s)


Consent: How do LSE student perceive sexual consent education?

Natalia Kaczmarczyk

Psychological and Behavioural Science

Where do you stand now? An Evaluation of the Consent.Ed Training at LSE.

Sophia Mobbs & Sorin Thode

Psychological and Behavioural Science

Beyond their involvement with LSE, to what extent do students from outside London engage with the city?

Daniel Emery & Louis  Norris


Student perceptions of, and wish list for, the peer support scheme.

Oliver Chaplin & Siavush Shahrizad

Psychological and Behavioural Science

Community and belonging in LSE's built environment for postgraduate students.

Elisenda Cochin, Raphael Eder & Léa Pelleteret

Management & Geography and Environment

Community feeling among PhD students.

Jacob van de Beeten


Strengthening student wellbeing and sense of belonging in the Department of Social Policy community

Hafsa Ahmed

Social Policy

 Please also visit the Change Makers Research Gallery to find out what the 2020/21 cohort of Change Makers researched and the recommendations they've made to LSE.

You can also watch this video of Andreea Andras, a previous Change Maker (2020-21), sharing their experience with the programme:

Andreea Andras Video Screenshot


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