Meet the Change Makers

Our current team of LSE Change Makers were selected in November 2019, and will be working on their research projects throughout the rest of the 2019/20 School year.

Below you can see the range of topics that will be under investigation:

2019-20 CM table

Project title 

Project leads 


What is the most effective way of raising awareness of mental health difficulties and challenging stigma, through student engagement in campaigns?

Huairou Sheng


1. What factors influence students’ disclosure of mental health issues and their ability to seek help within LSE?

2. What have students’ experiences of currently employed mental health services at the university been?

3. Are there certain groups that are less likely to seek help for mental health issues and why?

Krishnan Puri-Sudhir, Tamsin Saunders, Zahra Boudalaoui-Buresi, Rohan Bhattaram

Health Policy

What are incoming international students’ experiences of meeting and forming connections with their compatriots before and during the transition to LSE?

Cathal Kavanagh

Social Policy

Do the national societies at LSE have a positive or negative impact on the student experience and satisfaction of international undergraduate students?

Ksenia Nowicka


What are the experiences of Black British students studying humanities subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the LSE?

Alleisha Furlonge-Royal

International History

Why did the UK-domiciled PhD researchers at LSE from BME (black and minority ethnic) backgrounds choose to choose to study for a PhD here?

Arafat Noman, Zahra Henry

International Development, Social Policy

What is the role of Academic Mentors in promoting a sense of community among undergraduate students in the Economics Department?

Salma Ichwan, Callum Renton


The Mentor/Mentee relationship: what is the shape the students expect this relationship to take? Why do some students rarely consult their Academic Mentors?

Tianyun Liu


What are the main challenges faced by commuters, and how can LSE help to support this growing group of students? 

Selina Swift

Media and Communications

How do commuting Masters students experience community and belonging at LSE?

Kimberly Sequeira, Chiara Zazzarino, Ashley Groves

Psychological and Behavioural Science

Do degree classification rules group students’ achievements in the most appropriate way?

Matthew Bradbury, Miles McCollum


Do fuzzy degree classification rules assign different degree classes to otherwise similar graduates?

Josef Schumacher


Why and to what extent are students with disabilities underrepresented in taught and research postgraduate degrees at LSE?

Jonathan Schulte, Ismael Kherroubi Garcia


How does asking about disability status at the application stage affect those with hidden disabilities, and does it make them less likely to get help during their time at LSE?      

Sarah Swanke

Psychological and Behavioural Science

Do the perceived benefits of the diverse international student body at LSE differ from the realities of the student experience, and if so, how? 

Philippa Solf

International History  

How do International Development MSc students who are non native English speakers encounter and navigate language barriers in LSE seminars?

Mary Kohlmann

International Development 

What factors account for a lack of class participation?

Aleema Arfat


How can the Department of Management best encourage its students to fully engage with the LSE learning community while concurrently (or simultaneously) providing them with resources and support they need to pursue their aspirational career pathways?

Allison Murdoch


How can effective Moodle use make for a satisfactory online student experience?

Maksymilian Miskow


Why do undergraduate students use the Careers services less than other user groups? 

Sarah Asif


What are the lived experiences of undergraduate students from asylum seeker or refugee backgrounds at the LSE and how can the School work to positively enhance them?

Kate Buckley


What are undergraduate’s perceptions of the impact of part-time employment in their ability to engage in student life at the London School of Economics?

Marta Santivanez-Fernandez

Social Policy

How does General Course students' behaviour, attitude and perceptions, affect their utilization of LSE resources and involvement with the student community?

Ilayda Bingul, Sunakshi Rai Jindal

International History, Economics

To what extent is the information during the recruitment and application process appropriate and useful in meeting postgraduate taught students’ needs? 

Laura Good, Hsin-Hsin Chang, Max Quarterman, Jetha Emilie, Fabris Bianca Luna, Marcello Pacitti

Social Policy

To what extent is LSE’s International Relations (IR) department marginalising climate and environment education?

Harriet Freeman

International Relations

What are the major factors that influence students to decide the courses they wish to pursue, in order to maximize the gains of being in LSE? What would make the process more effective?

Isha Sharma

Health Policy

What makes PhD supervision effective? What can the school do to improve it?

Hilke Mairi Gudel


How do students understand and perceive the policies and programmes on sexual misconduct at LSE?

Shabana Dahi, Sofia Negri, Victoria Leon Porath, Keelin Dunn, Maria Belen Fontenez


2018/19 Change Makers projects

The first ever Change Makers were selected in Michaelmas Term 2018 after submitting their project ideas, and carried out their research during the 2018/19 School year.

If you want to know more about the findings of the projects listed below, you can read this summary report.

See below for details of the projects:

Projects in 2018/19


Project titleProject leadsDepartment

Do I fit in?: an exploration in the understandings, experiences, and perceptions of first-generation undergraduate students at LSE

Maria Gafforio, Zoi Adrianopoulou and Marie-Isabel Theuwis

Psychological and Behavioural Science

Analysing the impact of summative class participation on student engagement and satisfaction

Damian Virchow and Rory Gillis

Government and Finance

Student Societies and their Role in Building a Student Community

Mubashshira Rahman 


Being in both but belonging in neither: an investigation into the experiences of joint honour students at LSE

Izzy Colledge and Erica Stanley

International History and Government

The undergraduate social transition into LSE

Nancy Hawthorn and Natalia Madrid Gutierrez

Law and Statistics

Volunteering at LSE: Assessing the implications amongst undergraduate students

Zaynab Olyabek


Improving the effectiveness of academic feedback

Ningyuan Jia


LSE’s Ethic Code Strategy for the academic year 2019-20

Georgios Syranidis

Economic History

Community Through Communication: Student Community Building through Effective Staff and Faculty Communication

Magdalena Parkhurst

Social Policy 

How can LSE improve NSS results?

Helena Palma Carvalho

Economic History

Through meetings with other anthropology students discussing the “decolonise the curriculum” movement

Eman Shehata


Inclusivity in assessment, curriculum and teaching practices at LSE

Aathira Kottapurath and Eve Kraicer-Melamed

Gender Studies

Comparative research on decolonisation processes

Lucilla Lepratti


The relationship between students and food at LSE and the role it can play in building a stronger sense of community

Sebastiano Caleffi, Jack Winterton and Lucia Pedrioli’s 


Improving Feedback for Assessment in the Geography and Environment Department 

Saskia Straub

Geography and Environment 

Rethinking anthropology: bringing the alumni perspective to the conversation

Gabriela Cabana Alvear


Race-based exclusion, bias, and discrimination: Methods of creating inclusive classrooms

Keeyaa Chaurey


Strategies for Mapping Inclusive Epistemologies

Bhat Ramnath

Media and Communications

How do social factors influence the challenges to creating community and connections at LSE? A research project by Campus Collective 

Christiana Ajai-Thomas and Fikayo Adebajo


Exploring effective training programmes for class teachers to improve teaching quality in Economics

Yi On Ko and Miaomiao Zhang


The imposter phenomenon at LSE: the relationship between socioeconomic status of postgraduate students and feelings of inclusion and belonging

Abby Hennessey, Lara Neervoort and Brian Walker


Psychological and Behavioural Science

The best laid plans: how Inclusion Plans for disabled people are experienced at LSE

Alison Beck and Amanda Nenzen

Social Policy 

LSE Talks: Audience Development and Engagement 

Alice Brazil-Burns