What is Change Makers?

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Change Makers is a collaborative programme between LSE and LSE Students’ Union which gives current students the chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research.

Change Makers identify a particular aspect of LSE to investigate. They then plan and carry out a small-scale research project (with funding and research support from LSE).

At the end of the project, Change Makers communicate their findings and recommendations to senior leadership across LSE and LSESU to take forward.

Watch this video of a previous Change Maker sharing their experience with the programme:

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What have the Change Makers researched in previous years?

In 2020/21, the third year of Change Makers funded approximately £60,000 worth of student-led research projects, across areas covering:

  • Student voice
  • Community and place at LSE
  • Access and participation
  • Diversifying and decolonising the classroom
  • Online learning

And much more. You can read this year's finished projects in the online research gallery and watch some of the projects being presentated at our 2021 online event on YouTube.


What changes have been made at LSE as a result of Change Makers research?

We are currently in the process of diseminating the recommendations from the 2020/21 Change Makers projects.

Some of the actions LSE has taken in response to previous years' Change Makers projects include:

  • A new section on the LSE Inclusion Plan for disabled students to describe their own experience
  • More funding made available to provide student opportunities (such as off-site trips) consistently across departments
  • The LSE Ethics Code has been dramatized in a short film for social media
  • Targeted changes made to the induction for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Economics
  • Change Makers projects contributed to ongoing work in Anthropology on decolonisation. Changes in the department in 2019-20 included a new museum trip and ‘anti treasure hunt’ for incoming first year undergraduates; revision of the curriculum for a first year core course; and a new name, and display of former staff and students, for the Old Anthropology Library.

What support do Change Makers receive?

Change Makers are supported throughout the duration of their project, which typically runs from December - June.

Each project will receive:

  • Access to a Moodle course with information about planning your project, undertaking your research and presenting your findings
  • A designated supervisor to provide academic guidance and support
  • General support with project administration and communication from the Change Makers team
  • 80 hours of funding

Am I eligible to take part?

The Change Makers programme is open to all current students, whatever your level of study. 

You're welcome to apply to the programme as a group or as an individual (however the funding is granted per project, not per person).

Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from students who have already participated in a previous year of LSE Change Makers.

Please note that you will need to be resident in the UK to begin working on your project.

How can I apply? (Applications are open closed)

Applications to become a Change Maker in 2021/22 closed on Sunday 24 October 2021 and we will let applicants know the outcome of their application by Wednesday 10 November 2021.

 Contact us

Contact lse.changemakers@lse.ac.uk if you have any questions about Change Makers or the application process.