Participate in Change Makers research

and contribute to meaningful change at LSE

Your opportunity to contribute to Change Makers research into different aspects of the LSE student experience

LSE's student Change Makers often conduct their research using surveys, interviews and focus groups with current LSE students. 

Here are the current list of opportunities available to participate in this research:

opportunities to participate in Change Makers research

Participants soughtParticipation type  Remuneration Further information


Neurodivergent students

 45-60 minute interview

 £25 voucher

I’m Samuel Crutcher, the LSESU Neurodivegent Officer for 2021/2022 and a 3rd-year Social Policy student. I require LSE neurodivergent students to interview for my research into how the LSE educational experience accommodates neurodiversity. Students don’t need a formal medical diagnosis; only to self-identify as neurodivergent. The interview will last between 45-60 minutes and can take place either on LSE campus or via zoom.

Consent forms can be sent to anyone interested in participating in my research. All interview data will be anonymised. Can withdraw from the study at any point until research is submitted in May. A £25 voucher is available for each interviewee, and the opportunity to help promote neurodiversity awareness and dismantle neurophobic institutions!

Please reply to for more details. Thank you. Stay snazzy.

 Black British undergraduate students

 60 minute interview

 £25 voucher

 Are you a Black British undergraduate student? Do you live off-campus (private accommodation/ family home)? Join a 1 hour interview via zoom and get a £20 Deliveroo voucher! Email by the 29 March. 

 First-year undergraduate students who attended LSESU's in-person consent training

 10 minute survey

 Chance to win one of three £50 vouchers


Are you a first year undergrad who attended LSESU’s in-person consent training last Michaelmas term? We want to know about your experience! Fill in this 10-minute survey for a chance to win one of three £50 vouchers!

 LSE students aged 25 and below, at any level and programme of study who provide unpaid care and/or help for a child, family member or friend. The person cared for might be a child under the age of 18, and/or a person with an illness or disability, mental health condition or an addiction.  

5 minute pre-interview survey and 40-60 minute one-to-one interview

 £25 voucher

Hello! My name is Camille and as part of my LSE Changemakers project, I am conducting interviews with students carers at the LSE – defined by the LSE as individuals enrolled in university and providing unpaid care and/or help for a child, family member or friend. I want to understand student carers’ application and transition process into the LSE, how they reconcile their studies and student life alongside their caring responsibilities, and their engagement and perceptions with the support services offered by the university. If you’re 25 years old and below, and provide unpaid care and/or help to a child under the age of 18, and/or a person with an illness or disability, mental health condition or an addiction, then I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with me at as soon as possible. Participation into the study includes signing a consent form, filling up a short, 5-minute pre-interview survey with demographic questions, and a one-to-one interview lasting anytime between 40-60 minutes. You would receive a £25 voucher for your time and have the opportunity to influence positive change at the LSE-level. Thank you for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon!

Gender non-conforming students One-hour interview £25 voucher

If you are a gender non-conforming student at LSE and would like to talk about your experience during a one-hour interview and get a 25 £ voucher, contact!

All LSE students 5-minute survey and optional follow-up focus group

 One of three £50 vouchers (lottery) for completing the survey. 

£15 voucher per focus group participant.

My project,  ‘An investigation into the experiences of LSE Students of Faith’,  looks at your experiences at LSE and how these have been impacted by your faith. This includes looking at your experiences within the LSESU, academia, LSE accommodation and when interacting with other LSE students and staff.

The purpose of this research is to learn what LSE is currently doing well when it comes to supporting students of faith and how they can best support them moving forward. Moreover, you don’t have to be part of a particular faith group to complete this survey. 

This survey should only take 2-5 minutes and following its completion you will have the opportunity to further elaborate on your points of view in a focus group if you would like. If you would like to contact me, please email the lead researcher, Sibba Abdelhadi at

 Any LSE student who has undertaken off-campus leanring 45 - 60 minute interview

£25 voucher

You would be required to share your experience and learnings gained from the program/activity that you participated, to support the study on 'Understanding Off-Campus Student Experiences'. The activity could be an LSE Organised Retreat, a LSE LIFE in London walk, a trip to the museum or a field trip. You would be required to participate in an interview over zoom, lasting for about 45-60 minutes, scheduled at a time of your convenience. We would be happy to compensate you with a £25 voucher for your time should you be interested.

Feel free to drop a word to me at in case you have any questions!

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