Change of circumstances - students

Guidance for students

Students can find guidance on the processes here:

At certain times you may need to apply for a change to your student registration and will need to complete the relevant form to request such a change. You can find further information in the guidance below. You should read both the general and specific guidance prior to applying. 

You are strongly advised to speak to a member of the PhD Academy team before you start completing one of the forms. Please submit a query to set up a remote meeting with a member of the team,  stating your availability and specifying whether you would like the meeting to be via Zoom, Teams or by phone.

Some of the forms can be found in the Change of Circumstances online portal and must be completed there while others remain as pdf versions.  All forms should be submitted well in advance of the start date of the proposed change in student registration.  
After you have spoken to the PhD Academy about your possible change of circumstance you will need to discuss your situation with relevant staff such as:

  1. Discuss your situation with your supervisor.
  2. If you are in receipt of funding from the School, you will need to discuss your situation with the Financial Support office.  Information on contacting the Financial Support Office can be found here.
  3. You will need to speak with the International Student Visa Advice Team if you hold a student visa to be aware of the possible changes to your visa status . Information on contacting the International Student Visa Advice Team can be found here
  4. If you are requesting a change on health/disability, you can contact the School’s Disability and Wellbeing team to see what support services are available for you to access now and for the remainder of your programme.

    In addition to this general guidance you should read the guidance notes below relating to your specific application. Once you have read the gudiance notes you will be able to apply for the relevant change of circumstances. The individual guidance documents listed below will take to you the online application portal.



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