LSE ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership: Student Funding Competition

This scheme provides LSE ESRC DTP students’ the opportunity to create, develop and lead their own events and activities and to build student cohort development across disciplines. This is a competitive scheme and is an opportunity for LSE ESRC DTP students to gain leadership, management and budget skills.

This scheme is funded by the ESRC via the LSE ESRC DTP. LSE ESRC DTP funded students are eligible to apply to this funding competition.

Please read the Guidance and Conditions of Funding before applying as incomplete applications will not be considered. 

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Types of Event

We welcome applications under the following three areas:

1.  Workshops and Conferences

Students can apply for funding to hold a one or two day multi-disciplinary conference in the PhD Academy Training Room. Students are encouraged to invite research users from non-academic fields where appropriate to build interdisciplinary networks.

2.   New Training or Masterclass Initiative

Students can apply for funding to organise a one or two day training or masterclass event in the PhD Academy. Applications must be for new areas of training that are not already provided by the LSE or PhD Academy and will further develop PhD students’ skills and knowledge. Applicants could deliver the training themselves or engage a trainer to provide the training.

3.   Developing Knowledge Exchange Opportunities

Students can apply for funding to organise activities that relate to developing knowledge exchange activities with non-academic partners. For example a group of students may wish to put together a response to a government consultation, or host an exhibition with a community group for the public or produce a film that could influence or change the way stakeholders think and react.

Application Deadlines

The next two main timetables for applications are below.

 We may be able to consider applications outside of the normal timetable - please contact with the subject 'Student Funding Competition'

1. For events to be held during Winter Term 2023/24 (15 January – 28 March 2024), we recommend submitting your application by the end of Autumn Term Week 10.

2. For events to be held during Spring Term 2023/24 (29 April – September 2024), we recommend submitting your application by the end of Winter Term Week 10.

Events are not usually held during Autumn term but virtual events can be held at any point of the year. 

We expect applicants to note the timetable above, the time it will take to receive a decision on their application (see Guidance and Conditions of Funding below) and plan around the date of their proposed event accordingly.

We recognise that applicants may need to take a flexible approach when planning future events and plan for events to be accessible both on-line and in-person.  If this is the case then please address this in your application.  For example identify costs that would only apply if the event was held in-person.

Guidance and Conditions of Funding

1. To ensure that as many students as possible get access to this fund, the scheme is competitive and funding will be capped at £500 for a one day event and £1,000 for an event of two days.

2. Budgets and costs must be properly researched and planned. Additional funding post application approval is not available.

3. Please note, this is a competitive scheme and funding decisions will be based on the information provided in the application form.

4. A PhD Academy panel will look closely at each application on a case by case basis, taking into account the quality of the proposal. The panel will notify you of any clarifications required and once these are received, will notify you of the outcome of your application.  Applicants will be informed of the panel's the initial decision within 3 weeks of the application deadline.

5. The panel will prioritise applications for events that have not received funding in the past. This is not a fund for repeated events. 

6. Events are to be hosted by the PhD Academy in the teaching space. Room availability should be checked in advance of submitting your application with the PhD Academy team. The training room has a maximum capacity of 38 (with tables) to 48 (chairs only). If the training room is not a suitable venue for your event this must be acknowledged and justified within your application.

7. Events should be held on week days, Monday to Friday only as LSE catering cannot be provided at the weekend.

8. PhD Academy and ESRC logos are to be used in promotional materials and both acknowledged as funders. PhD Academy staff will supply these to successful applicants.

9. Students from other DTPs and external networks are to be invited to the event. Applicants must supply the PhD Academy with information so we can send external invitations on your behalf.

10. Please note that funds will not be given for an administrator to organise the event. Part of the purpose of the funding is to give students valuable experience in organizing academic workshops and events.

11. Please email the DTP Team at with queries around room bookings and orders for internal catering.

12. Applicants who receive funding are required to write a short report on the event. The report should include details of numbers of delegates, indicating if any were ESRC funded students or from non-academic institutions and give an outline of the key successes and lessons learned from the event. 

13. To claim expenses, organisers will need to submit relevant receipts (i.e. travel, external speakers only), a programme of the event and an attendee list after the event to the Please note that we do not fund international travel for external speakers.