ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is the UK’s largest funder of research on economic and social issues.

LSE is one of 14 ESRC recognised advanced training centres for postgraduate students in the UK, known as Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) from the start of the academic year 2017/18.  This has replaced LSE's Doctoral Training Centre (DTC), and the ongoing DTC students will be part of the DTP.

A key function of DTPs is to distribute ESRC funds in the form of postgraduate studentships.

DTPs are also designed to support multi-disciplinarily activities and to provide advanced professional support to ESRC funded students.

The LSE ESRC DTP is housed within the PhD Academy and offers a minimum of 30 studentships each year in a wide variety of programmes.

Eligible programmes and pathways

The LSE ESRC DTP offers studentships in 37 ESRC pathways across 19 different Departments. A summary of the LSE ESRC Pathways, pathway structures, departments and the different programme titles are listed in this document.

LSE's graduate programmes are listed on the Available Programmes Webpage,  If a programme is eligilbe for ESRC DTP funding this will be flagged in the details listing for the programme.  The progamme may include Master's programmes if these are required as preliminary training to a PhD, as well as MRes and MPhil/PhD programmes.

LSE Graduate Admissions manage the application process for all LSE PhD students and prospective students should refer to the Contact Graduate Admissions page with initial enquiries.

Key information about ESRC funding

LSE ESRC DTP studentships are different from LSE PhD studentships. See LSE PhD studentships for more information about PhD studentships.

Only some of LSE’s PhD programmes are recognised for funding purposes by the ESRC. All the PhD programmes are eligible for LSE PhD Studentships. 

Programme overviews, videos and student services

When considering applications to LSE in general, see LSE's Graduate Study Webpage, which includes programme overviews, videos and details of student services.

Advantages of ESRC DTP studentship

There are many advantages to securing an ESRC DTP studentship - for details see What are the advantages of an ESRC studentship?

LSE’s ESRC DTP also offers many types of awards - for more information see What awards are offered by LSE's ESRC DTP?.

Applications for ESRC DTP studentships at LSE have specific conditions and strict deadlines. See details on how to apply.

Opportunities for registered students

Registered students can find out more about opportunities available to them throught ESRCPhD Moodle: log in to Moodle and find under course name 'LSE ESRC DTP'.

Information for Supervisors of ESRC scholarship students

ESRC have two key documents that set out the responsibilities of supervisors of ESRC scholarship students.  These are available on the ESRC website:

ESRC Postgraduate Training and Development Guidelines

ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide


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