ESRC studentship advantages

What are the advantages of an ESRC DTP studentship?

There are numerous advantages to getting an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded studentship.

Some of the funds listed, such as those relating to Difficult Language Training, collaboration and ESRC internships funding, are available only to ESRC funded students.

Registered students can find details of how to apply for these additional funds by visiting the Financial Support Office's Information for ESRC Award Holders webpage.

Details of other non-ESRC studentships offered by LSE can be found at LSE’s PhD studentships webpage.

The ESRC funds a range of data and methods services, additional to those available at LSE, to support research and study. It provides resources needed to access high quality socio-economics data and to develop research skills which are listed in the ESRC data and methods investments [PDF].

Tuition and maintenance

The LSE ESRC DTP studentship will cover tuition fees and a stipend with London Weighting. The ESRC publish these amounts on their website.

Final stage support

If you have not completed your thesis within the funded period of your studentship, and your maximum period of registration for a PhD has not expired, then you can apply for additional support. 

For further information please see the Financial Support Office's In-course financial support for final stage PhD students.

Your academic supervisor(s) will be asked to support your application and to confirm your expected date of submission.

Specialist Training

Specialist training includes in-depth subject or disciplinary methodological and theoretical training, and training and support in accessing and using 'cutting edge' data that supports data driven research whether qualitative or quantitative. Students Training needs will be assessed as part of the Development Needs Analysis (DNA) process.

Overseas fieldwork expenses

If you are on a full time programme, on the +3.5 ESRC funded element of your award, and intend to carry out overseas fieldwork you can apply for additional funding. You can apply for this only once during the period of your ESRC award. Part-time students can become eligible if they transfer to full-time status for the duration of the fieldwork. 

For further information, see Information for ESRC award holders or contact the Financial Support Office.

Disabled student’s allowances

Any disabled student who, because of disability, is obliged to incur additional expenditure in connection with their studies may be eligible for an allowance. This can consist of non-medical helpers, daily expenses and equipment. 

For further information, see Information for ESRC award holders or contact the Financial Support Office.


Overseas institutional visits

This additional funding is intended to provide applicants with the opportunity to establish and support existing research networks, to disseminate early research findings, to participate in seminars and other academic activities directly related to their research, or to undertake specialist research training that is not available in the UK.

In the application, students are required to enter detailed costs of their visit, e.g. flights, accommodation and general living expenses, along with justification of these costs.

For further information, see Information for ESRC award holders or contact the Financial Support Office.


Funding for Student Organised Cohort Development Events and Activities

There is funding available for LSE ESRC funded students to create, develop and lead their own events and activities across disciplines.

For further infomation, please see the DTP Student Funding Competition webpage.