Award types (2017-2023 offer holders)


What awards are offered by LSE's ESRC DTP?

The Economic Social and Research Council (ESRC) funds a number of different types of awards to reflect the different models which work for particular disciplines. These include funds for 1+3, 2+2 and +3 studentships.

1+3 scheme

The 1+3 scheme provides funding for a one year research training master's linked to a 4 year PhD (of which the first 3 years are funded) and is designed for students who have not already completed an ESRC recognised programme of research training. This can be an MSc (Research) programme or a one year MRes.

2+2 scheme

The 2+2 scheme provides funding for programmes which consist of a 2 year MRes programme followed by a 4 year MPhil/PhD (of which the first 2 years are funded).

+3 scheme

The +3 scheme provides funding for a 4 year MPhil/PhD (of which 3 years are funded).

Both the ESRC and the LSE are committed to widening participation to postgraduate study. A masters is not a prerequisite for studying at the LSE DTP. A range of training programmes are available based on an assessment of the applicant’s prior learning and training needs. All studentships can be offered on a full or part time basis.

More specifically this means that at the LSE if you do not already have a Master’s then you can obtain funding to take one at LSE in preparation for your PhD. We will assess your training needs when we see your application, and advise you on the best route to take, and then you will be considered for funding to cover the number of years of study required.

All LSE programmes are offered full time. For those which start with an MRes, this is usually taken full time and then it is possible to do the PhD programme part time. PhD programmes which start with an MPhil can be taken part time. Again we can discuss options with you if you are interested in applying. ESRC funding covers both full and part time study. The LSE also offers a generous package of studentships in order to offer as many students as possible the opportunity to study with us. Please see details on funding and scholarships for further information.