Academic Support for current students

on a School-wide level

There is a range of support available to you throughout your time at LSE, on both a School-wide and a departmental level.

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School Senior Advocate for Students

The School Senior Advocate for Students, Dr Pete Evanson, can provide advice and guidance on a range of pastoral and academic issues.

He can also act as a mediator/negotiator between individual students, or groups of students and any member of staff or School Department/Division, to try and informally resolve issues at an early stage.

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7107 5801

The Adviser to Women Students  can also offer support.

Dean of the General Course

Mark Hoffman has responsibility for all matters relating to those students attending the General Course programme. He is available to see any General Course student who wishes to raise any problem, academic or otherwise, including course selection, credit transfers to home universities, and accommodation issues.

In particular, Mark is available to counsel individual students who may be encountering difficulty adjusting to the academic life at LSE. Mark will see students by appointment or during open office hours as published outside their office.


Adviser to Women Students

Dr Bingchun Meng is available to discuss issues of concern to women students in the School and to offer advice and support to female students with personal problems.

Office: TW2.1.01h
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7107 5020


The LSE LIFE team, together with advisers and specialists from Careers, the Library, the Language Centre, and others can offer you:

  • a space where you can meet students from other programmes and departments
  • one-to-one advice and group workshops where you can get hands-on practice of reading, academic writing, critical thinking and communication skills
  • special events to explore how to make the most of your time at LSE and prepare for the working world

Academic Support Librarians

The Academic Support Librarian for your department is your main point of contact with the Library. Academic Support Librarians can:

  • provide advice with researching for assignments, dissertations and projects

  • show you library resources relevant to your department, including datasets

  • advise on citing and referencing your work

  • direct you to resources available at other libraries

Departmental academic support

Please see departmental academic support for information about the local assistance your academic department can offer you. This includes support from your:

  • Academic Mentor (previously Academic Adviser)
  • Departmental Tutor (undergraduate)
  • Programme Director (postgraduate)
  • Programme Administration 

The LSE Language Centre

Members of staff are always available in the Language Centre to help you in your language learning. 

Visit Learning Support for more information.

Class teachers and seminar leaders

Class teachers or seminar leaders are a good first point of contact if you are struggling with a particular course. 

You may want to make use of their office hours if you'd like one to one support.. 

Students supporting students

LSE has a number of schemes for students to support one another. 

The Peer Support Scheme at LSE provides trained peer supporters that can help with a range of problems.