Request a CAS statement

for continuing students

a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies statement is how LSE tells the Home Office that we're going to sponsor you

Important - please do not use this page is you have been a made an offer for a new programme of study at LSE. The relevant admissions team will automatically issue you a CAS for this programme when you have met the requirements.

Who can request a CAS for continuing students?

This process is for

  • currently registered LSE students who need to extend their existing student visa and require a CAS
  • students currently on interruption or who will take repeat teaching, expected to return to the LSE to resume their studies or take assessments
  • incoming students on double/dual degree programmes who will to join the LSE for the second year of their programme and require a CAS

Double and Dual Degree Programmes

If you are coming to LSE for the second year of a double or dual degree then you should use this process to request your CAS. 

You need to use this process because you are considered to be continuing your programme having already been registered in the first year. Please bear in mind though that you will need to register as a new student because this is the first time that you have studied in the UK on your programme.

When to request your CAS and when to apply for your visa

When to request your CAS

If you reqiure a CAS to apply for a visa to retake exams in May/June 2018 please submit your CAS request on or after 5 February 2018.

When to make your application to the Home Office

  • Your CAS number is valid for six months from the date of issue
  • If you are eligible to apply to extend your Tier 4 visa from within the UK you can submit your application at any time before the expiry date of your current visa
  • If you are applying from outside the UK you can submit your application up to three months before the sponsorship start date shown on your CAS.

How to apply for your CAS for continuing students

Continuing students can use the form below to request a new CAS. 

  • Please have your passport and current visa with when completing this form. It is your responsibility to fill in this form using correct information. If you submit incorrect information to us, we will send it to the Home Office and if your application does not match, your Tier 4 application could be refused.
  • Please complete all of the mandatory fields.
  • Please make sure you double check all of the information before submitting your request. 
  • For further advice on the type of documentation to submit with your application please contact the International Student Visa Advice Team


Request a CAS for continuing students

Request a CAS for continuing students

Applicants and Offer Holders should not use this form

  • Your Details
  • Your Name
  • Are you in receipt of an LSE scholarship of LSE financial award for the academic year you are requesting this CAS for?
  • Your Programme
  • Is your programme of study a double/dual degree programme?
  • Is your programme at doctoral research level?
  • If you answered Yes to the previous question, please indicate which of the following immigration permits you intend to apply


What happens next?

  • Providing your request has been made within the correct time period, your CAS statement will be emailed to you within two weeks of submission.
  • Current students can contact 020 7955 7130 if they have any questions about the status of their request.
  • For further advice on applying for a Tier 4 visa please contact the International Student Visa Advice Team



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