Speak to other people

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If you ever feel unsure of what direction you wish to take, which opportunities may be best for you, or would like advice on a pathway you’re considering, there are lots of people at LSE you can turn to.

You will find a wide and supportive network at the School, where there are many friendly people to talk things through with, should you require any help. There are many support options available, for example:

  • You may wish to sound out your ideas with your peers or friends, who are going through a similar thing – and who may know you personally.
  • You can join one of the many student-led societies. They are a great way to expand your personal network.  
  • In addition to the academic departments, there are also professional services across LSE that can assist you. From academic mentors, careers consultants, and study advisors to Centres such as Faith, Volunteer, and Generate, you can access events and book in for one-to-one appointments.
  • There are many ways to connect and engage with alumni. You can speak to LSE graduates at one of the many alumni events organised by the School, utilise the new Ask An Alum tool, or you might decide to reach out to alumni proactively.  

When preparing to speak to alumni, think about:

How will I introduce myself?

Who would be a good person for me to speak to? Who can I run my idea past? Should I speak to a range of people?

What do I want to ask? Might there be things I don’t know?

Talking with alumni can be reassuring and is helpful in building up your professional network. Conversations with alumni are invaluable in getting the inside track on professions and industries and gives you the chance to hear about how any challenges and setbacks were overcome. Speaking to someone a few years ahead of you can also give you that extra bit of motivation.