Contacts for Sub-Boards of Examiners

2019-20 Academic Year

Sub-board chairs can authorise deferral requests and extensions to deadlines for summative coursework

This page lists the contact details for each Sub-Board of Examiners. 

You should use the contact details should you wish to submit a deferral request for an exam or would like to apply for an extension on a piece of coursework.


All undergraduate programmes
Secretary: Justin Adams -

Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Secretary: Dorothy Richards -

MSc in Accounting and Finance
Chair: Dr Alnoor Bhimani -
Secretary: Dorothy Richards

MSc in Accounts, Organisations and Institutions
Chair: Prof Mike Power -
Secretary: Muhammed Iqbal -



All undergraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Michael Scott

All postgraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Mukulika Banerjee -
Secretary: -

Economic History

All undergraduate programmes
Chair: Professor Tirthankar Roy (

All postgraduate programmes
Secretary: Jennie Stayner -


All undergraduate programmes
Secretary: Sarah Burton -

Diploma in Economics
MSc in Economics (one year)
MSc in Economics (two year)
MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
Seceretary: Edel Ryall -

MRes in Economics
Chair: Prof Martin Pesendorfer -
Secretary: Mark Wilbor -

European Institute

All programmes


All undergraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Paula Lopes-Cocco -

MSc in Finance (full time)
MSc in Finance (part time)
MSc in Finance and Economics
MRes in Finance

Secretary: Victoria Batley -

MSc in Risk and Finance
Secretary: Mary Comben -

Gender Institute

All programmes
Secretary: Kate Steward -

Geography and Environment

All undergraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Alan Mace -
Secretary: Ivanilza Da Mata -

MSc in Environment and Development
Chair: Dr Charles Palmer -
Secretary: Amanda Gaddes -

MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change
: Dr. Ben Groom
Secretary: Amanda Gaddes -

MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation
Chair: Dr Richard Perkins -
Secretary: Amanda Gaddes -

MSc in Human Geography and Urban Studies
MSc in Urbanisation and Development

Chair: Dr Claire Mercer -
Secretary: Mark Jenkin -

MSc in Local Economic Development
Chair: Dr Neil Lee -
Secretary: Mark Jenkin -

MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance
: Dr Gabriel Ahlfeldt -
Secretary: Tom Jones -

MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies
Chair: Dr. Nancy Holman
Secretary: Tom Jones -





All undergraduate programmes

All Masters programmes
Chair: Professor John Chalcraft -

MRes and PhD Programmes
Chair: Dr. Kai Spiekermann -

Health Policy

MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management
MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing
Secretary: Muheez Busari

MSc in Global Health
Chair: Prof Martin Knapp -
Secretary: Muheez Busari

MSc in International Health Policy
MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics)

Chair: Dr Panos Kanavos -
Secretary: Muheez Busari

International Development

All programmes
Secretary: Drucilla Daley-Nelson -

International History

All undergraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Timothy Hochstrasser -
ecretary: Jacquie Minter -

All postgraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Kirsten Schulze -
Secretary: Nayna Bhatti -

Language Centre

All undergraduate programmes
 Dr Olga Sobolev -
John Heyworth -


All undergraduate programmes


MSc in Law and Accounting

MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society


All undergraduate programmes
Secretary: Charlie Fiddy -

MSc in Human Resources and Organisations

MSc in International Management

MSc in Management

MSc in Management and Economics

MSc in Management and Strategy

MSc in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation

MSc in Management, Organsiations and Governance

MSc in Management Sciences

MSc in Public Management and Governance


All undergraduate programmes
Chair: Dr Pavel Gapeev (MT) -; and Professor Adam Ostaszewski (LT and ST) -
Secretary: Jackie Everid -

MSc in Applicable Mathematics
Chair: Prof. Oliver Gossner - 
Secretary: Rebecca Batey -

MSc in Financial Mathematics
Chair: Dr Pavel Gapeev -
Secretary: Rebecca Batey -

MSc in Operations Research and Analytics
Chair: Dr Giacomo Zambelli -
Secretary: Rebecca Batey -

Media and Communications

All programmes
Secretary: Catherine Bennett -


MSc in Applied Social Data Science
Chair: Dr David Hendry –
Secretary: Dave Poole –

MSc in Social Research Methods
Chair: Dr David Hendry -
Secretary: Esther Heyhoe –

Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

All undergraduate programmes
Dr Laurenz Hudetz -

Secretary: Loris Lysiotis -

All graduate programmes
Chair: Dr Laurenz Hudetz -
Secretary: Loris Lysiotis -

Psychological and Behavioural Science

BSc Psychological and Behavioural Science
Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -
Secretary: Salvatore Ridino  -

Executive MSc Behavioural Science                                              Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -
Secretary: Therese Holmqvist -

MSc Behavioural Science                                                       Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -      Secretary: Will Stubbs -

 MSc Organisations and Social Psychology                                   Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -     Secretary: Jacqueline Crane -

MSc Psychology of Economic Life                                       Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -     Secretary: Will Stubbs -

MSc Social and Cultural Psychology                                       Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -     Secretary: Jacqueline Crane -

MSc Social and Public Communication                                     Chair: Prof. Bradley Franks -     Secretary: Jacqueline Crane -

School of Public Policy

All programmes
Secretary: Michelle Batten -

Social Policy

All undergraduate programmes

Secretary: Clare Gorman -

All postgraduate programmes

Secretary: Charlie Tickle -


All undergraduate programmes
Secretary: Ehsan Daoud

MSc in Human Rights
MSc in Economy, Risk and Society
MSc in Political Sociology
Secretary: Alexander Wright -

MSc in City Design and Social Science
MSc in Culture and Society
MSc Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought)

Secretary: Kylie Patterson -

MSc in Inequalities and Social Science
Secretary: Liza Ryan -


BSc in Actuarial Science
Chair: Dr George Tzougas -

BSc in Business, Maths & Statistics
BSc in Statistics with Finance

Chair: Dr Wicher Bergsma -

MSc Data Science
Chair: Prof. Milan Vojnovic -

MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management
Chair: Dr Beatrice Acciaio -

MSc Statistics
MSc Statistics (Research)
Chair: Dr Kostas Kalogeropoulos -

MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics)
MSc Financial Statistics (Research)
Chair: Dr Clifford Lam -

MSc Statistics (Social Statistics)
Chair: Dr Jouni Kuha -





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