Audio Equipment for Teaching & Events

For advice on your best audio options, contact us.


The following audio devices can be loaned for teaching or pubic events at LSE:

Hard of hearing systems 

We have either the wired induction loop or infra-red system installed in our public events and lecture spaces. 

The infra-red system requires a headset which can be loaned from AV, with at least 24hrs notice. 

Please check here, for details of the equipment available in each space. 

Wired microphones

Gooseneck / table / lectern microphones are uni-directional and work best when the speaker‘s mouth is no further than 2 feet/60cm from the microphone and the speaker won’t move significantly.

Effectiveness is limited when using a low (coffee-style) table.

Wireless microphones

Lapel or Lavaliere wireless microphones are best where a low-coffee table is used or the speaker will move around a lot. They consistently produce very good sound, however some things should be taken into consideration:

  • The attaching of the lavaliere/lapel mic is critical for performance. Ideally this should be attached centrally and close to the mouth.
  • A poorly attached mic can result in all sorts of problems including feedback and physical hitting of the mic as the speaker gesticulates
  • Some clothing makes the attachment of the mic or the concealment of the transmitter very difficult.
  • Multiple mics can also result in an increased possibility of feedback.
  • If multiple lapel mics are used, it is highly recommended that a technician is present. The microphones are very sensitive and should be live mixed to prevent noise interference from speakers that aren’t currently speaking.
  • Unmuted microphones can amplify comments not intended for the audience to hear either on stage or even in the green room or after the event.

The following attachment locations are optimal:

  • No further than 1 inch/2.5 cm below the knot of a tie
  • Between the second and third from the top button on a shirt or blouse

Handheld microphones

Handheld wireless microphones are available on request and suitable for use in lecture theatres (e.g. roving mics for Q&As). 

These microphones can also be used as table microphones or lectern microphones where wired microphones aren’t possible. If used in this way, please note:

  • They don’t have as good a pick-up as a gooseneck microphone.
  • They should be mounted higher to allow the microphone to be closer to the speaker’s mouth.

Digital audio recorders

There are two types of portable digital audio recorders available for short-term loan, the Zoom H1 and H2n. Please see the specifications below:

Zoom H1

  • Built-in 90˚ X/Y stereo mic  
  • Stereo ⅛" Mic/Line Input mini phone jack with Plug-in power (2.5V)
  • Stereo ⅛" Phones/Line Output jack with dedicated volume control
  • Built-in reference speaker for fast monitoring
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Records directly to microSD and microSDHC cards up to 32 GB
  • Supports up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio in BWF-compliant WAV or a variety of MP3 formats
  • Auto Level for automatic control of input level  
  • Low-cut filter for elimination of wind noise and rumbleUp to 99 marks per recording
  • USB port for data transfer to computer and use as an audio interface and USB microphone
  • SD card reader function  
  • Mounts directly to tripod, or to mic stand or DSLR with optional adapter
  • Runs on only 1 standard AA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Up to 10 hours of operation with a single AA alkaline battery

Zoom H2n

  • Five built-in microphones and four recording modes: Mid-Side (MS) stereo, 90° X/Y stereo, and both 2-channel and 4-channel surround
  • Analog-type input gain control   
  • Auto Gain provides three preset recording levels
  • Stereo ⅛" Mic/Line In mini phone jack with Plug-in power (2.5V)
  • Stereo ⅛" Phone/Line Output jack with dedicated volume control
  • Built-in reference speaker for fast monitoring
  • Large 1.8 inch backlit LCD display 
  • Records directly to SD and SDHC cards up to 32 GB
  • Supports up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio in BWF-compliant WAV or a variety of MP3 formats
  • Auto-record and Pre-record features 
  • WAV to MP3 conversion
  • Internal mixdown: four-track surround to stereo  
  • Up to 99 marks per recording
  • Built-in effects, including compression/limiting and low-cut filtering 
  • Onboard MS decoding
  • Normalize and Divide functions
  • Chromatic tuner and metronome 
  • Loop playback with user-defined start and stop points
  • Variable playback speed, from 50% to 150% for phrase training
  • Variable pitch without affecting playback speed
  • USB port for data exchange to and from computer and use as a USB microphone
  • 2-in/2-out USB audio interface for PC/Mac computers
  • SD card reader function
  • Data recovery function automatically saves data if power fails or card is removed
  • Mounts directly to tripod or DSLR 
  • Runs on only 2 standard AA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries, or AC adapter (AD-17, USB to AC type) 
  • Over 20 hours of operation with 2 AA alkaline batteries  

To request either recording, please contact us: