Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, contact us.

Where & When

Where is Reprographics and what are the opening times?

Reprographics is located in Room G.28 on the ground floor of the Old Building on Portugal Street opposite the Parish Hall.

Reprographics is open Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:30pm

What is the turnaround on a print job?

Please see our Service Level Statement.  

If you have an urgent requirement then please contact the Reprographics Team.

Services Offered

Does you do typesetting?

Strictly speaking, no but some jobs may be entertained. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

What sort of work do you do?

Reprographics is a digital printing service. We can however also provide you with competitive quotes on Lithographic printing for longer run print requests.

For a comprehensive listing of Reprographics' services please see our Services A-Z.

Do you deliver print jobs?

Yes we offer a full on-campus delivery service for all print jobs excluding smaller stationery orders.

Where can I get a report of my department's reprographics expenditure?

It is possible to get details of your department's monthly expenditure via Aptos although it is appreciated that this does not provide a detailed breakdown.

Reprographics is now sending monthly statements itemising all jobs submitted via Eprint, email and hard copy submission to a person nominated by the head of your department.

If you haven't received a monthly statement yet please contact Elena Vitan on extension 7986.

Does Reprographics do calendars and other promotional materials?

Yes, Reprographics can produce a fully comprehensive range of promotional materials such as free-standing banners, eco carrier bags, large format posters, name badges, prints on foam board etc.  

Please contact the Reprographics Manager to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you still produce Annual Leave Cards?

Yes, we still print Annual Leave Cards.

Do you do laminating?

In-house Reprographics will encapsulate printed jobs in A3, A4 and A5 sizes. Larger runs of printed work can be outsourced for sheet laminating either single or double sided.

Please speak to Reprographics with regard to your specific requirements.

Do you do PhD thesis binding?

Yes, Reprographics does offer PhD thesis binding for submission to your department. Reprographics does not provide a binding service for final submission.

Print Jobs

Who can I talk to about my print job?

Please contact the Reprographics Office Manager, Elena Vitan on Ext 7986. 

If I've got a technical problem with my proof - who can I talk to?

Mark Anderson (x6312) and Alan Newell (x7976) are the Reprographics Digital Copier Operators and will provide expert technical advice on a wide range of reprographics issues. 


What branded stationery do you offer?

Reprographics offers various stationery items including staff business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and printed envelopes as well as student introduction cards for PhD and Master's candidates.

Further information on stationery can be found here

Do you do printed envelopes?

Reprographics now supply peel and seal, non window, white envelopes printed with the LSE logo in the corner and the Houghton Street return address on the flap. These can be sourced in bulk at very competitive prices.

Envelopes requiring departmental addresses on the flap can be produced but these are quoted on for individual orders.

Using ePrint

What is ePrint?

ePrint is the online Reprographics' print job submission system.

ePrint offers an easy user interface for uploading print jobs, previewing your documents and defining your exact requirements for your print job.

How to use ePrint?

The ePrint web interface is easy to follow and use but for full instructions see the online guide 'How to use ePrint' or contact the Reprographics team who will be happy to guide you through the process.

Will I get notification when my job is ready?

Yes. The system is configured to generate emails at two stages in the print process:

1) When the job has been received in the print room and

2) When the job goes into print production.

We advice that you contact Reprographics for estimated delivery time if your job involves finishing work.

Why should I use ePrint?

The online system is the most efficient way to submit your print job. You can define your job, submit your document electronically, proof read your document and even store jobs on line for a defined period of time.

Where at all possible Reprographics recommends that you submit your job via Eprint, but if you need to submit a hard copy print job then use the Reprographics Print Requisition Form.

Reprographics will also accept print requests by email if you have difficulties using Eprint but this is not our preferred route.


Can I get a quote?

Yes. Please contact the Reprographics team for quotes on any of your print requirements.


Where can I recycle my old toner cartridges?

The toner and printer cartridges recycling scheme is now overseen by Estates Division.

To recycle your toners and printer cartridges please arrange collection by contacting LSE Porters, email


Who can I contact to supply printer paper?

If the paper runs out on your local photocopier then call Greg Rikowski on 2688 and he will arrange for a paper re-supply.

For Halls of Residences please contact the Student Support Team.

Who do I call to replace the toner bottle on my local photocopier?

If the toner runs out on your local photocopier then call Greg Rikowski on 2688 and he will arrange for a replacement toner bottle to be installed.

For Halls of Residences please contact the Student Support Team.

For machine specific technical reasons the toner bottle cannot be replaced until it is completely empty, and this cannot be overridden manually. Whilst the photocopier will give a 'low toner level' warning it is not specific and it is impossible to be certain when the toner will actually run out.

Who do I contact regarding a fault with my local photocopier?

Reprographics monitors the status of the fleet of School photocopiers using real-time monitoring software each and every weekday. We will identify and rectify the majority of issues without you having to contact us.

However, if a machine should become inoperable for whatever reason, the sooner it is reported the quicker the fault can be rectified. In this case, please call Greg Rikowski on 2688 and he will log an engineer call immediately

Who do I contact to request a photocopier for my department?

If you think that your department needs a(n additional) photocopier then in the first instance contact Simon Hill, the Reprographics Manager on extension 7365 to discuss your requirements. He will talk through the various options in terms of available specification and pricing.

Who do I contact to move a copier to a new location?

If your department is moving then it is essential that your photocopier provision is included in your departmental move arrangements. Contact Elena Vitan on 7986 or Simon Hill on 7365 and an engineer call will be logged.

Reprographics will then liaise with you to arrange the most convenient time to move your departmental photocopier(s). Please do not move the photocopier yourself, get a removal company to move the photocopier or get the porters to move the copier. This will invalidate the School's service contract and will almost certainly result in a copier that fails to work when you switch it back on in your new location. Your department would be liable for any associated repair and engineer costs.


Where can I make a suggestion regarding your services?

Reprographics now has an online comments form. Please see here.