Centre Buildings Redevelopment (CBR)


LSE’s Centre Building Redevelopment will create a state of the art flexible and highly sustainable academic and teaching building, designed by renowned architects Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners.

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What is the CBR project?

 Discover more about the project by watching this short film.

To get an idea of what the building will look llike, watch the fly-through:

Fly through the new Centre Buildings Redevelopment currently under construction at the heart of the LSE campus Fly through the new Centre Buildings Redevelopment currently under construction at the heart of the LSE campus
Fly through Centre Buildings

Where is the CBR site?

17_0866_LSE_Campus_Map_Amend_Jan_2018 no key
Campus map showing CBR site

The Centre Buildings Redevelopment is on Houghton Street and Clare Market. Buildings that were demolished are: East Building, The Anchorage, Clare Market and St Clement’s: core and eastern wing.

What will be in the new building

The building will offer purpose built academic facilities for the Directorate and the following Departments:

  • School Meeting Rooms - Level 12
  • Directorate - Level 11
  • Department of International Relations - Levels 7 - 10
  • European Institute - Levels 5 - 7
  • School of Public Policy - Level 5
  • International Inequalities Institute - Levels 5 & 4
  • Department of Government - Levels 3 & 4

Basement, ground, first and second levels will consist of:

  • Ground floor cafe
  • LSE style lecture theatre, allowing for traditional style teaching as well as collaborative group work.
    LSE Lecture 1 C 1024x768
    LSE style lecture theatre
  • 2 Harvard style lecture theatres
  • 200 seater flat auditorium which can be used for both lectures and events
    Basement Auditorium 2 A 1024x768
    Basement auditorium
  • 14 seminar rooms seating between 20 and 60
    Seminar Room 2 B 1024x768
    Seminar room
  • 234 study spaces featuring a range of furniture configurations to offer opportunties for group work and individual silent study.

Publicly accessible roof terraces on levels 2, 6 and 12

Why is LSE undertaking the CBR project?

One of the Schools' main objectives is for the standard of all School space to be commensurate with its international academic standing. The School has been planning to redevelop the Centre Buildings since 2003, although this was put on hold while LSE redeveloped 24 Kingsway (now the NAB) and built its award winning Saw Swee Hock Student Centre (SAW).

The previous Centre Buildings were at the lowest quality and condition rating and no longer fit for purpose. Any improvement scenario would have required full decant to enable significant building and refurbishment work.

The buildings performed poorly, both as academic offices and as teaching spaces, and offered little to students once the Students’ Union facilities were relocated to SAW. Following considerable analysis the decision was made to demolish all the buildings forming CBR. We recognised that this would impact on the student and staff experience, but considered the benefits of a new efficient building with more space would outweigh the disadvantages to the School during its construction.

The architect’s proposals will not only create a state of the art flexible and highly sustainable academic and teaching building but will also create a new landscaped public square at the north end of Houghton Street.

The new building will also increase the gross internal floor area (GIA) of the centre buildings from 12,000m2 to nearly 18,000m2, allowing for growth in the School. 

When is it happening?

Planning permission was granted by Westminster City Council in April 2015. Demolition was completed in December 2016 and the new building will be finished in May 2019.

Contractors will be working within times, noise and dust levels agreed by Westminster City Council.

Find out more about the sequence of works on the construction animation video: 

Construction animation video Construction animation video
Construction animation video


Archaeology South-East/CAA completed the archaeological excavation between March and May 2016, see what they found.....

History of the site

The new development replaces four central campus buildings, discover a short history of each...

Contacting the project team

Details of the team responsible for the project...

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to Estates.Centrebuildings@lse.ac.uk

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Any questions or concerns can be emailed to:  Estates.Centrebuildings@lse.ac.uk