The Marshall Building

44 Lincolns Inn Fields nightime drawing
Architects' impression of The Marshall Building by night

The Design

In April 2016, LSE announced that Dublin based practice Grafton Architects had been selected as the winners of the international architectural competition to design The Marshall Building at 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, the next major building project for the School.

Details of the six shortlisted design submissions can be found here...

A public exhibition of Grafton's winning design proposals was held in January 2017.  See detailed design boards here...

Since then LSE and Grafton Architects have been busy setting up the project arrangements to ensure everything goes smoothly as the teams will be working together for the next six years until the building is finished and occupied in 2021.

Introductory meetings have been held with the main end user groups who will be occupying or using the new building.  The sessions have been really positive and Grafton Architects are looking forward to continuing engagement with LSE staff and students. They want to ensure their interpretation of the design brief is correct and will be continuing to listen and learn to ensure their concept design now evolves to meet the requirements and the budget set by the School.

Key Dates

  • Planning granted by Westminster City Council in June 2017
  • Internal strip out started in June 2017 
  • Demolition starts September 2017 and first stage completes May 2018
  • Second stage demolition starts May 2018 and completes December 2018
  • New building works commence January 2019
  • Building anticipated to be ready for operation for start of term 2021

Next steps

  • Before the end of 2018 we will:
  • Continue to meet with the end user working groups to test the design as it develops
  • Continue to reconcile the design with the budget
  • Work to discharge planning conditions with Westminster City Council planners
  • Continue to meet with neighbours of 44 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
  • Complete the demolition of 44LIF
  • Appoint a Main Contractor.

What will be in the new building

It is currently proposed the building will house the following departments and facilities:

  • Department of Management
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Finance
  • Financial Markets Group
  • Systemic Risk Centre
  • The Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching and learning hub
  • Sports Centre with multipurpose sports hall, squash courts and dynamic weights room 
  • Arts rehearsal facilities and music practice rooms
  • Café
  • Support and ancillary services

Contacting the project team

Details of the team responsible for the project...

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

These webpages will be updated with all relevant information over the course of the project so why not bookmark it for easy access?  



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