Biodiversity and urban landscape



We are committed to enhancing, conserving and monitoring biodiversity and habitats on the School estate including our main campus, halls of residence and our 23 acres of playing fields.



  • Working with Mace on the Centre Buildings Redevelopment, the construction company installed a green wall on their portacabin site office - believed to be the first time this was done in the UK. The green wall has now been transferred to thhe Plazza Cafe wall, facing the new student square, providing a long term home.
  • LSE has a green wall on the Old Building - which as well as regulating temperature and adding to the aesthetics, provides an ideal habitat for wildlife which can help improve local air quality; both by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.
  • There are brown roofs on campus which provide a natural habitat for wildlife and can improve drainage.
  • LSE has rooftop gardens for LSE students and staff to get involved with growing food. Find out more here.
  • LSE has three beehives, including an observation beehive. Check out the LSE Bees blog, follow them on Twitter or visit their page.
  • LSE participates in the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Scheme!