LSE has several streams of funding available to support the development and delivery of educational activity at the School. Applications to all of these streams are welcome from individual academics, teams of staff or cross-departmental groups.

The Eden Fund for Strategic Innovation and Change

LSE’s Eden Fund for Strategic Innovation and Change is designed to support the delivery of the education and student experience-related aspects of LSE 2030. It is targeted at all student levels. Successful project bids will be:

  • In line with key School strategic priorities in LSE 2030 in relation to education enhancement, including those linked with NSS and TEF themes
  • Designed to make a sustained and measurable improvement to the quality of students' education and their related experiences
  • Planned and implemented in partnership with students and/or their representatives.

You can read the Eden Fund Applicant Guidelines here - this includes information on application deadlines.

Please download the Eden Fund application form 2019-20 to apply. Completed applications should be emailed to

The Eden Fund fund will be open for applications twice in 2019-20. The deadlines for applications are:

  • Midday Wednesday 23 October 2019, or
  • Midday Thursday 30 January 2020 

If you have any further questions after reading the guidance document, please get in touch with Dr Claire Gordon, Head, Teaching and Learning Centre.

Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF)

The Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF) for 2019/20 will open for applications on 10 September 2019. SEEF will continue to provide financial support to Departments and Divisions for activity that will have an immediate impact on improving the experience at all student levels in 2019/20. Awards will be capped at £1,500.

Application Criteria for SEEF

We are seeking applications for activities that:

  • Have been and/or will be developed in collaboration with students
  • Demonstrably aim to enhance the student experience and NSS outcomes
  • Are new and non-recurrent.

Applicants will need to:

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Undertake to provide a brief write-up of the impact of the SEEF funding once the activity has occurred.

Please download the SEEF Application Form 2019/20 to apply. Completed application forms should be emailed to Application form responses should be concise. There is no deadline for applying as the fund will be available throughout 2019/20. 

Review and selection

A panel will review and select applications on an ad-hoc basis, as applications come in, and draw on expertise from elsewhere in the School as needed.

The target turnaround time for making a decision is within 10 days of receipt of a complete application. Both successful and unsuccessful applications will be notified within 5 days of the panel’s decision.  

Change Makers

Change Makers is an exciting, collaborative project between LSE and LSE Students’ Union that gives students the chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research.

Running across Lent Term 2020, Change Makers will fund up to £65,000 worth of student-led research projects in 2019/20. For further details, visit the Change Makers webpage.

Teaching and Learning Centre Funding

The Teaching and Learning Centre curates three LSE funds to support teaching and learning developmental activities for academic departments and Heads of academic departments.

 Learning Technology and Innovation Funding

Learning Technology and Innovation curate two LSE schemes to support the development of teaching technologies at the School

Learning Technology and Innovation curates two LSE schemes to support the development and embedding of teaching and learning technologies at the School.