The Eden Centre for Education Enhancement is a centre of education expertise with a focus on academic staff development, curriculum enrichment including with a focus on research-rich learning opportunities, digital innovation, inclusive education and student partnership.   

The centre offers a range of development and funding opportunities to all staff at LSE who teach and support student learning, including research and policy staff, enabling them to develop and share their practice in on-campus and on-line education, work towards appropriate qualifications and foster good teaching in the social sciences.  


Research and policy staff are expected to attend the New Academic Induction Programme (NAIP), a three-day welcome and introduction to LSE, institutional life and education at the School which takes place annually in September.

Education qualifications

Colleagues who teach can study for the LSE’s Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education accredited by Advance HE or work toward an HEA/Advance HE Eden Fellowship at different levels. The Eden Centre also offers Advance HE’s Professional Development Course for External Examiners. 

Development activities

Atlas runs a comprehensive programme of events and development opportunities for all academic staff covering key thematic areas: developing teaching; inclusive practice; the use of technology in teaching and learning; playful and creative learning; and anti-racism and education. 


Education enhancement funds are open to all staff interested in research-based education curriculum enrichment, inclusive education, digital innovation and student partnership initiatives. Funding for research assistantships and internships is also available through the Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme.


Research and policy staff are welcome to attend termly School-wide Education Fora and our annual Education Symposium to engage in lively and critical discussions and exchange of practice about education and student learning. We also welcome involvement in LSE’s new Student Interdisciplinary Research Conference

For more information on all these opportunities please email