Education and Eden funding

the School will recognise and reward excellence and innovation in teaching and offer opportunities for academic staff to develop themselves and to create an educational offer for students that is ambitious, challenging and rewarding

LSE Education Strategy, Strategic Objective 1

As a result of the COVID-19 situation and its related financial uncertainties we are still developing the Education Funding streams and processes for student-related activities in 2020/21.

Once the funding availability for 2020/21 has been agreed a message will be sent to departments outlining the scheme for this year and full details of the scheme and application process will also be uploaded here. 

In the past LSE has provided several streams of funding to support the development and delivery of education enhancement activity at the School which were open to applications from individual academics, teams of staff or cross-departmental groups.

In 2019/20 the Education Funding streams available were:

  • The Eden Fund for Strategic Innovation and Change (£10,000 - £50,000) to support the delivery of the education and student experience-related aspects of LSE 2030.
  • The Eden Catalyst Fund (up to £10,000) for smaller-scale education and student experience related initiatives. 
  • The Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF) (up to £1,500) to provide financial support to Departments and Divisions for activity that would have an immediate impact on improving the experience at all student levels in 2019/20.
  • Change Makers, an exciting, collaborative project between LSE and LSE Students’ Union that gave students the chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research.
  • Undergraduate Research Internships Fund for departments to create undergraduate research internships and/or assistantships in 2019/20.

Departmental funding from the Eden Centre

The Eden Centre also curates two LSE funds to support teaching and learning developmental activities for academic departments or Heads of Academic Departments:

  • LSE Departmental Development Fund aimed at department-wide development for teaching and learning such as away-days or events related to the development of inter-disciplinary teaching.
  • LSE Heads of Department Fund aimed at supporting the development of academic Heads of Department.

The funding available for these two funds in 2020/21 is also still under discussion.  Details of their availabilty will be uploaded here as soon as it has been agreed.