Talk it through

If you're finding things difficult - peer supporters, counsellors, academic mentors and your friends and family can help

Talking through anything that is bothering you means those around you can support you and ensure that there are adequate support measures in place to help you during your time at LSE. 

It's important to connect with others, whether that be your family or friends and to check in on your friends if you think they may be struggling. 

There are a range of people and services at LSE that you can talk to if you need support, these include: 

  • Talking to your friends
  • Peer Supporters - the Peer Support Scheme is made up of a range of trained student volunteers who can listen to any worries you may have and offer support and guidance on where to get help
  • Student Academic Mentors (SAM) Programme - a student-to-student mentoring programme for undergraduates 
  • Academic Mentors - a key point of contact in your academic department, keeping an overview of your academic progress and overall wellbeing
  • 24/7 support via Spectrum.Life
  • LSE LIFE Advisers - book one-to-one sessions via Student Hub with an adviser for support on a range of study-related matters
  • Departmental staff - your department can provide a range of support
  • LSE Students' Union Advice Service - free advice and support to LSE students on a range of academic and housing issues, including the hardship fund
  • Student Counselling - reach out to the wellbeing service for specific help and support.