Hall committees and social activities in halls

How to build a great social life while you're in halls

This page explains what the hall committee does, how you can get involved, and how you can find out more about social activities at your hall. 

The hall committee and the residential life team are key people who plan social activities at your hall. 

About your hall committee

What do hall committees do? 

Hall committees are a group of residents with the aim to develop a good sense of community and a respectful environment in the hall. The committees are selected by the Warden. They get to spend the committee budget on social events throughout the year. To see who's on your committee at the moment, visit: Contacts in halls of residence

The hall committee members get to spend their budget on social events throughout the year. Hall committee members also can benefit from discounts for some of the central Residential Life events as part of the "Last Minute Club". 

Here's what committe members do:

  • we welcome new students at the start of the year
  • we maintain an active social calendar throughout the year with events including pizza parties, study brunches, film nights, yoga, guided meditation and wellbeing events, boat parties, wine tastings, and seasonal celebrations
  • we represent the hall at the Residences User Group (RUG) to provide feedback and raise concerns to senior members of staff at LSE

Join your hall committee's WhatsApp group

The quickest way to contact your committe, and to find out about planned events is through the hall's WhatsApp group or by visiting the Halls Life one-stop channel. Select the group from the list below to ask to join it:

Committee contact details

Committee member contact details

For a list of committee members and contact details, visit: Contacts in halls of residence

How to become a committee member 

Who can apply for a Hall Committee role?

Being on the hall committee is an opportunity to network and develop your skills. You will lead, communicate, work within a team and problem-solve (skills that are much sought-after by employers). Being on the committee will also help you get a room in your hall for the following year as long as your warden recommends your return to the hall and you apply in time.

To become a committee member you must be both: 

  • a resident and
  • a full-time registered LSE student

How to apply?

You can self-nominate for a hall committee position by submitting an online application to the Residential Life team. A nomination link will be shared by LSE Residential Life.

Your application should include:

  • your name,
  • the position you are running for, and
  • why you think you are a suitable candidate by answering the set questions.

For contact details of your warden and Residential Life Officer, visit: Contacts in halls of residence

Your application will be reviewed and assessed by the warden and Residential Life Officer. They will make the selection based on the skills, experiences and strategies that you demonstrate in your application.

Available positions

Five hall committee positions are up for election:

  • president
  • vice president
  • communications officer
  • community and welfare officer
  • events officer

Recruitment timeline

Applications happen during the summer period for the current cohort. Successful candidates will be invited to form a Hall Committee for that academic year. Every resident can apply for a role. 

Successful applicants are then invited to their induction training into the role at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Induction and training for new hall committee members

Hall committee inductions take place during the summer and at the beginning of the Autumn Term. The induction includes role-specific training and group activities that help everyone to meet each other. 

We’ll focus on areas that are important for your work in the committee, such as mental health awareness and student wellbeing as well as leadership and organisational skills. 

To make sure you are equipped with skills you need for your role, training continues throughout the academic year.

Committee resources

Committee handbook

If you want to find out even more about the roles and what committee work looks like, check out this collection of advice for committees: Committee handbook [PDF] 

Committee SharePoint site

Our SharePoint site for committees lets you access important information, submit reports, and collaborate. Access is given to committee members once their induction training is completed.

Residential Life team - supporting hall committees in their work

We're a team of staff in Residential Services. We support the hall committees in their work and help them to make the most of their resources. 

We also manage a SharePoint site page for committees to find important information, submit reports, and to collaborate and learn from other committee members. Log in information is sent to all committee members.

Residential Life team contact details

Email: residential.life@lse.ac.uk
Twitter: @LSEResLife
Instagram: @lsereslife
Facebook: @LSEResLife

To see who's is looking after your hall, visit: Contacts in halls of residence

Social activities and campaigns in halls

Hall Committee Events

Sustainable Halls Campaign 

All LSE managed halls are taking part in #SustainableLSE halls campaign which airms to reduce energy and water consumption, and to improve recycling rates. This campaign is in partnership with SOS-UK.

These halls take part: 

  • Bankside House
  • Butler's Wharf Residence
  • Carr-Saunders Hall
  • High Holborn Residence
  • Passfield Hall
  • Rosebery Hall


ReLove is a reuse program to give a home to unwanted items (books, crockery, clothes etc.) donated by students moving out of halls at the end of the academic year.