From the gender pay-gap to perceptions around gender and leadership, those who identify as women often have a somewhat different experience to men in the workplace. At LSE Careers, we want to ensure our students have the support you need to thrive in the workplace, regardless of your gender identity. That’s why we’re working on a range of initiatives including ‘Women in..’, a series of events where you can connect with alumni, employers, role models and potential mentors.

Our initiatives


  • You can book an online or in-person careers appointment to discuss any careers-related query, whether you have a specific question or want to start exploring the support and opportunities open to you. LSE Careers is here to support you no matter what stage you’re at in your career planning and we can highlight advice and resources relevant to you, some of which we have mentioned below.


  • 'Women in...' series which includes sector-specific employer recruitment and networking events – to connect students with employers who are focused on attracting and hiring those who identify as women
  • Women in leadership panel – which enables students to hear from a panel of women in mid to senior leadership roles within their organisations sharing their career insights and advice on how students can develop their careers
  • Before heading to a networking event, check out our networking webpage.

Information and resources

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