LSE Faith Centre

LSE Faith Centre is committed to creating an inclusive campus for students and staff of all faiths and none. Whether you want to use our space to worship, learn more about the diverse backgrounds and faith traditions of your fellow students, or participate in a variety of wellbeing activities, there’s something for everyone at the Faith Centre.

Faith provision on campus

We support students of faith and faith societies in their religious observance and requirements on campus, in the classroom and beyond.  The Faith Centre spaces include Islamic prayer rooms and ablution facilities, The Cave for quiet reflection or meditation and the Desert Room, a multi-purpose space for events, worship and meetings.

Leadership programmes

We run extra-curricular leadership programmes for all students.  Our three modules explore the intersection of religion and critical challenges in today's world and facilitate exploratory intersectional dialogue spaces that provide tools that support our students to discuss difficult and challenging topics to preare them for life beyond the university.  Our programme includes courses on religious imaginations, climate change and conflict transformation.  Find out more about our current Beecken Faith and Leadership (

Safe reporting

We are a safe point of contact for students to report religious-based incidents of discrimination and harm to help keep our community safe.  You can do this via email or come directly to speak confidentially with our team in the Faith Centre office on 2nd floor, SAW.

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