Transport and cycling facilities

This section outlines facilities for cyclists on campus and how to get to and from LSE campus.

Cycling and lockers

23_0100 Student Facilities Guide cycle map

Buying a bicycle

LSE operate a cyclescheme for staff which can save staff 33% on the cost of a new bike.

The Santander Cycle Hire Scheme have docking stations on Houghton Street, Sardinia Street and Portugal Street. The bikes are available for 24 hours a day and are great for short journeys around central London. 

There are many varieties of bike, and deciding which bike is best for you can be a big task. See the Evans guide to buying bikes before you buy. 

You will also need:

  • Bike Helmet – ensure the helmet is fitted properly and securely attached to your head; it should cover your forehead, and the straps should be comfortably tight under your chin.
  • Bike Lock
  • Lights
  • High Visibility Jacket

Cycling to LSE

London can be a daunting place to take to the saddle, but there's plenty of help out there to get you started. Riding a bike is good for your health, good for the environment, cost effective and fun!

You can plan a quiet route to LSE by ordering a free map from Transport for London

You can also use the bicycle icon on google maps, the Transport for London journey planner or use a cycling app to work out the best way to go. 

Join the Bicycle User Group.

Other useful links:
Cycle Confident
Cycling UK
Cyclist have a guide to London's bike-sharing and rental bicyles
Third party insurance from London Cycling Campaign
Transport for London offer Cycle Skills training 
Join The National Cycle Database to protect your bike from theft

Cycle parking and shower facilities

Cycle storage system Access requirementsNumber of bike parking spaces Closest shower facilities. ***M/F/GN Closest locker facilities
FAW/PAN basement* Access with LSE ID card 207 FAW B.14 - B.18a GN (5)
CBG G.10 GN (1)
OLD B.24
CKK Basement

Currently closed due to refurbishment
Access with LSE ID card 36 CKK B.01 M(2) B.03 F (2) CKK B.05
MAR B1.04
MAR G and B1 (partially covered) Access with LSE ID card  244 MAR B1.04 GN (3) MAR B1.04
Clare Market (adjacent SSC) Outdoor open access 36 CBG G.10 GN (1)
OLD B.15 M (2) B.05 F (1)
OLD B.24
Clements Inn (outside PAN/FAW) Outdoor open access (6am - 10pm) 60 FAW B.14 - B.18a GN (5)
CBG G.10 GN (1)
CLM MB.02 GN (1)

OLD B.24
Grange Court (Between LRB and Royal Courts of Justice) Outdoor open access 62 CBG G.10 GN (1) 
LRB GF R.7 GN (1)
SAW 2.05
OLD B.24
John Watkins Plaza (opposite Plaza Cafe) Outdoor access with LSE ID card 16 LRB GF R.7 GN (1)

SAW 2.05
OLD B.24

John Watkins Plaza (opposite main entrance)** Outdoor open access 30 LRB GF R.7 GN (1) SAW 2.05
OLD B.24
Lincoln's Inn Fields (corner opposite MAR) Outdoor open access 56 MAR B1.04 GN (3) MAR B1.04
SAL Outdoor open access 76 SAL B.35 M (2) B.36 F (2) MAR B1.04
New Inn Passage (between COL/CBG) Outdoor open access 20 CBG G.10 GN (1)
OLD B.15 M (2) B.05 F (1)
OLD B.24
PEA/PAR Outdoor open access 48 SAW 4.02A M (7) 4.02C F (7) 4.20B GN (1)
OLD B.15 M (2) B.05 F (1)
SAW 2.05
OLD B.24
Portugal Street (opposite George IV pub) Outdoor open access 30 LRB GF R.7 GN (1)
COW G.11 (M), COW G.12 (F)
SAW 2.05
OLD B.24
Portugal Street (outside LRB) Outdoor open access 30 LRB GF R.7 GN (1)
COW G.11 (M), COW G.12 (F)
SAW 2.05
OLD B.24
Sardinia Street (Opposite NAB) Outdoor open access 22 CKK B.01 M (2) B.03 F (2) MAR B1.04
SAW Outdoor open access 20 SAW 4.02A M (7) 4.02C F (7) 4.20B GN (1) SAW 2.05
Sheffield Street (outside SAW) Outdoor open access 38 SAW 4.02A M (7) 4.02C F (7) 4.20B GN (1) SAW 2.05
St Clement's Lane (behind Alumni Centre Outdoor open access 12 CBG G.10 GN (1)
OLD B.15 M (2) B.05 F (1)
OLD B.24

* Bike Maintenance Station 

** Bike Pump

*** Male/Female/Gender Neutral

On the campus there are 540 open access and 503 (mostly indoor) cycle parking spaces with access restricted to LSE students and staff only.
Access to the secure cycle storage and shower facilities is determined by the building access you have been assigned on your LSE swipe card.
These facilities are monitored by the LSE Security CCTV. Please call Security on 020 7955 6200 should you need assistance.

We have improved lighting and wayfinding in the basement of FAW and created additional shower facilities (5 gender neutral shower rooms) plus a drying room (FAW B.14A - items left at owners risk).

There are also open access cycle parking spaces bordering the campus on Kingsway and Aldwych. 

All LSE halls of residence also have cycle parking facilities.  

Bicycles must be stored in designated bicycle storage facilities, and are not permitted in any other locations on campus.

Folding bikes measuring no greater than 565mm(h) x 586mm(w) x270mm(d) should be folded prior to entering any campus buildings and stored safely within office space or in folding bike lockers provided in MAR B1.04.

Bike maintenance stations and unclaimed bikes

Bike maintenance stations are available for LSE students and staff to fix their own bikes on campus. They contain secured bike tools and a pump, as well as a stand to support the bike for easy repairs. All repairs you make to your bike are at your own risk – so make sure you don’t lose any of those little screws!

There are two bike maintenance stations, located in the secure cycle storage areas in the CKK basement (currently closed due to refurbishment) and FAW/PAN basement.  There is also a bike maintenance station at Bankside House hall.

Additional bike pumps can be found on John Watkins Plaza (opposite the Library) and outside SAW (opposite Parish Hall).

Look out for Dr Bike pop ups (free bike checks and basic repairs) and bike marking pop-up sessions on campus, which generall occur termly.  These are promoted by #SustainableLSE team on social media and in the student weekly newsletter.

Notices are put on bikes (usually around September each year) by Security and any remaining bikes are removed two weeks later. 


Locker TypeLocationAccessAllocationRequirements/CostAvailable
Cyclist MAR B1.04 LSE card First come first served Free - digital code lock Day use
General use   OLD B.27 LSE card First come first served  Padlock min 6.3mm hasp (can be purchased from SU Shop)  
Conditions of Use 
Academic year
General use OLD Basement Red lockers (outside OLD B.10) LSE card First come, first served  Free - digital code lock Academic year
General use  SAW 2.05   First come, first served £15 deposit From SU reception SAW 3rd floor
Gym users SAW 4th floor (changing rooms)   First come, first served For gym users only, when using the gym.  
Gym users SAW 4th floor (outside changing rooms)   First come, first served For gym users only, when using the gym.  
Laptop OLD G.15 LSE card First come first served   No charge  



The easiest and cheapest way to get to know London

The easiest and cheapest way to get to know London and move between the LSE campus and halls of residence is walking.

Central London suffers from poor air quality but by avoiding the main roads with highest concentrations of traffic you can reduce your exposure to air pollution by 30 - 60%.
Plan your route with the Mayor of London Clean Air Route finder; explore real time pollution spots from London Air Quality Network; walk some of London's favourite routes highlighted by Transport for London.

You will find more tips and directions on the useful links page.

Public transport

 Public transport links to and from LSE

Full information on any form of public transport throughout London and a journey planner service for walking, cycling, underground, buses and trains can be found on the Transport for London website.

The following London Underground (tube) stations are near the LSE campus: Holborn (Central Line and Piccadilly Line), Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line), Temple (Circle Line and District Line), Leicester Square (Northern Line), Charing Cross (Bakerloo Line), Waterloo (Jubilee Line) and Farringdon (Metropolitan Line and Hammersmith and City Line).

Buses that stop on or near the Aldwych are numbers: 1, 9, 11, 15, 23, 26, 59, 68, 76, 87, 91, 172, 188, 243, 341 and SL6. Each bus stop should show which buses stop there and their frequency. On the front of the bus the final destination will be given. It may also show the names of the main stops on its route.

The closest mainline rail stations to the LSE campus are as follows:

  • Waterloo – on the other side of the river from the Strand over Waterloo Bridge. Approximately 10–15 minutes walk. Trains to and from the south coast and south west of England.
  • Charing Cross – on the Trafalgar Square end of the Strand. Approximately a 10 minute walk. Trains mainly to south east London and Kent.
  • City Thameslink - on Ludgate Hill at the end of Fleet Street. Approximately 10-15 minutes walk.  Trains to Brighton (inc. Gatwick airport) and Bedford (inc Luton airport).
  • Blackfriars – on the Embankment near Blackfriars Bridge. Approximately 10–15 minutes walk. Trains mainly to south London and south east England, but also the First Capital Connect line through north London.
  • Farringdon or Tottenham Court Rd - both approximately 15 minutes walk. Trains to Heathrow or Reading and Abbey Wood or Shenfield on the new Elizabeth Line.
  • Euston – on Euston Road, close to the northern end of Tottenham Court Road. Approximately 30 minutes walk. Trains to the north of England.
  • King's Cross – on Euston Road, close to the British Library. Approximately 30 minutes walk. Trains to the north of England and to Scotland.
  • St Pancras International – on Euston Road, close to King's Cross station. Approximately 30 minutes walk. Serves the Eurostar and trains to the Midlands and Kent.
  • Liverpool Street – past St Paul's Cathedral and the Bank of England from the end of Fleet Street. Approximately 30 minutes walk. Trains to Stansted Airport and Southend Airport.


If you absolutely cannot avoid driving while in London, there are green ways to do this. 

Westminster Car Club

Westminster City Council has partnered with Zipcar to give you access to cars parked across the city. This initiative aims to reduce emissions and congestion in central London. It's better than having your own car, as fuel, insurance, the Congestion Charge and 40 free miles are all included in low hourly and daily hire rates. To find out where to pick up a car around campus see map above.  For more information and to register visit the City of Westminster Car Club web page.

For an up to date list of available car clubs, including electric vehicles please visit TfL Car Clubs

Electric recharging point

Anyone with an electric vehicle can use the recharging points on Lincoln's Inn Fields and Sardinia Street (see locations on the map above). To find out more go Source.