Organising events

Organising a large Society event, conference or performance? Get in touch and we can assist with your room bookings on campus. 

Please email us in the early stages of your event planning to check availability of rooms on campus for your dates.

If you are planning an event for academic year 2023/2024 please submit an advance booking request form.  

Are you planning on holding a large event in Winter Term 2024?

To help us accomodate everyone please submit your advance request for  Winter Term 2024 by reading week in Autumn Term. The Room Bookings Team and the Students Union will meet and discuss suitable event venues based on your request. We will then release the confirmation of rooms booked for your event in due course.

How are large venues allocated? 

Bookings will be made at the discretion of the Societies Coordinator and the Room Bookings team. Allocation for large events always has to fit around core school events and academic teaching. Room Bookings also consider which venues have the facilities to best meet the event requirements. Performances will be prioritised in the Old Theatre.

The Sheikh Zayed Theatre will be prioritised for events which have the following requirements:

  • A large conference 250 + people attending
  • Registration in advance with the SU website and a full attendee list
  • There is a reason for security to be present or advising on the event such as a security detail
  • Exhibition stall space
  • Conference breakout rooms

If we have multiple events which meet these requirements we will then consider how the event fits with the LSE Strategy as a guide to help us decide which to prioritise in this venue.


Planning a conference

Have a look at our planning checklist to help you get started with your conference plans. 

Complete the Students Union event form with the details of your planned event including possible dates and times so we can check room availability. 

Download a copy of the event declaration form and send us a copy once it has been completed, we can then arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements and event safety in advance of your event. 

Planning a performance

The Old Theatre can be requested for LSE SU Society shows and performances. Please have a look at our planning checklist to help you get started. 

Complete the Students Union event form with the details of your planned event including possible dates and times so we can check room availability. 

We will contact you once we are able to let you know availability of a performance date and rehearsal slot. You should expect to be offered at least 1 rehearsal slot in the Old Theatre so make sure to book more rehearsal time with the Students Union if required. Rehearsal space is generally available after 18:00 on a week day and is subject to the Old Theatre being available. 

The Old Theatre green room can be requested for the same times as your Old Theatre booking but please note this room cannot be used for storage before or after the date of your booking in the OId Theatre and items left in the room will be disposed of. 

Download a copy of the event declaration form and send us a copy once it has been completed, we can then arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements and event safety in advance of your event. 

Opening events to the public

Events open to the Public are subject to additional regulations (Public Meetings Act 1908). LSE offers a full programme of events open to the Public (PLP), so please consider applying for your event to be part of this programme.

If your event has a speaker and you are inviting or opening the event to any attendees who are not staff or students of LSE then you will need to let the Students Union know about your event and meet additional requirements to have your room booking confirmed:

  • When you arrange your speakers also you must arrange for an LSE Academic to chair the event. PhD student cannot be considered. If you do not have a Chair in place your event will need to be limited to LSE Staff and Students only or rescheduled when a suitable Chair is available.  Brief the LSE Academic who is Chairing prior to the event (Chair’s guidelines will be provided). 
  • Provide the reason/purpose for opening the lecture to the Public, in addition to the LSE Community.
  • Ticket the event, ideally using the SU’s ticketing system in order to professionally manage numbers, entry to event and to provide a full attendee list to Security/Reception staff as required.
  • Arrange for required number of stewards to be on duty for the event and brief them in advance on their responsibilities (stewards guidelines will be provided) you can provide your own stewards or hire stewards via the Conference & Events Office.
  • After the SU Activities Team have reviewed your events form and risk assesment, you may need to meet with the LSE Security Team.

External speakers, external guests and security

If you have people other than LSE students and/or staff attending or speaking at your event (ie people without a LSE ID card) you will need to make arrangements to allow for access for your guests as well as meeting the requirements detailed in the opening events to the public section above. Remember to submit your event form to the Students Union in advance.

Visits to LSE by high-profile political figures can require a lot of preparation, to ensure appropriate arrangements for reception, security and so on – especially if the visitor is to make a public appearance. Also, the Director will wish to know about them, for example in cases in which she will try, as a courtesy, to be available to greet the visitor. Staff or students planning to invite anyone in the following categories should inform the Directorate's office ( at least 15 working days before the proposed visit:

- current or former Heads of State

- current or former Heads of Government (such as Prime Ministers)

- current UK government ministers (including the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales)

- any high-profile political figure whose presence on campus can be expected to arouse strong feelings and responses among the LSE community or the public.

 This will enable the relevant staff in the Directorate, LSE Security, Communications Division and the events “risk spotters” network to be informed.

Contact the reception of access controlled buildings the day before your event to make arrangements for external visitors;

Sir Arthur Lewis Building;,

Cheng Kin Ku Building;,

Pankhurst House, Fawcett House and Pethick-Lawrence House;,

Centre Building;  

The Old Building is also access controlled at the weekends so please speak to the reception staff in advance for weekend access and email the attedee list to

For large events you will need to arrange to have a steward opposite the reception desk in the entrance of the building, where non LSE attendees can register and be checked against the attendee list and the attendees should be provided with a ticket which is easily identifiable to LSE security staff if attendees will be going in and out of the building.

Event stewards

Appoint stewards to help guide attendees to your event and prevent your venue from being overcrowded.  You should arrange for 1 steward per fire exit in the venue so they can assist with evacuation in an emergency. Download a copy of the guidance for events stewards to share with your team.

 You can appoint people from your committee or hire stewards from the Events office, there is a charge for this service.