How to request a room

Once you have been granted room booking privileges please see the guide below on requesting a room through Resource Booker. 

1. Using your internet browser log into Resource Booker.

If you get the message 'Sorry no Resources are available for you to book' you are either not yet set up to request rooms online or you are not eligible to request rooms.

Before you log in the welcome page of Resource Booker will show which rooms users can currently request and will indicate when the system is closed.

2. Check availability and request a room.

Follow the instructions in the How to request rooms using Resource Booker Guide for assistance to search current availability, make your request and you will receive an automated email when the provisional request has been made. 

Remember to give the booking an accurate title and include your society name at the start of the title in the following format 'LSE SU (NAME) Society...'.  An accurate title speeds up the booking process, it helps us identify your booking if you use the same title on your event forms with the Students Union.

This title will show online on the daily room booking report and the printed room door reports.

You need to give ten working days' notice between the date of making the booking request and the date of the proposed event. The more notice you can give for an event will generally mean there is better availability of rooms and you will have sufficient time to plan the event, including making arrangements with LSE service providers and promoting the event to interested parties.

Resource Booker will not allow you to submit a request for an event that is less than ten working days from the date of your request. Ten working days' notice also gives the SU and Room Booking teams more time to respond to you, especially during peak periods as we process 3,000 - 4,000 bookings a month in the Room Bookings office.

Dont forget that Study Rooms can be booked for internal commitee meetings with only two working days' notice on Resource Booker.

3. Room Bookings Team check your request.

The Room Bookings Team will then check the request and either confirm the booking, request more information or reject it (the rejection email will contain an explanation for the cancellation). This will usually be within one working day. 

You can keep track of your requests by logging into Resource Booker and checking the My Bookings tab.

If you receive a 'Request more information' email then please read the included message as we may be asking a particular question or waiting to recieve your events form from the Students Union. If the message does not contain specific instructions please fill in the Room Booking Information Form to tell us more about the event. If you do not send a response after receiving an information request then the room booking request will be automatically cancelled after two weeks. 

4. You receive an email from Room Bookings with the outcome of your request.

Please allow us notice to receive and process your request: this will take at least one working day.

Our office hours for checking requests are 10:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and requests will only be processed during these hours.

You can cancel unwanted bookings in Resource Booker, if the bookings were originally make in Resource Booker and booked by yourself. If the booking says 'Booked by () imported' then you will need to email to cancel or amend the booking on your behalf.

Once you have room booking privileges as a member of a Society you can access Resource Booker to book the types of rooms detailed below.

If you require a larger venue with a capacity of more than 90 people, or are looking to hold your event on the weekend,  please contact the Room Bookings team with your details using the request form. Please note you will need to give ten working days' notice to request a room (for more information see point 2. above). 


Study rooms in 32 Lincoln Inn FIelds

These rooms can be used for meetings where a small informal room is suitable (capacity varies between 5 to 12 people). The rooms have a built in projector but no teaching PC so you will need to bring your own laptop and a cable to connect to the VGA or HDMI socket.

The rooms are used for informal study by students when not booked for meetings, 
They are available to book during the academic year.


Teaching rooms

You can select teaching rooms to book by capacity either 'Small teaching rooms (for 12-33 people)' or 'Medium teaching rooms (for 44 - 90) people'. These rooms have built in PC and Data projector and other details for each room are included on Resource Booker.

if you have a confirmed booking in one of these rooms it will show on the room door report outside and on the Daily List.

Additional information

  • Teaching rooms are unavailable to book at the start of Michaelmas term whilst the academic timetable is being scheduled. If you have not yet received your teaching timetable then the rooms are not yet available to request. The front page of Resource Booker will be updated to feature current availability. 
  • Many of the rooms are unavailable during Exam Periods. 
  • Contact the reception of access controlled buildings the day before your event to make arrangements for external visitors;

32 Lincoln Inn Fields;

New Academic Building;

Pankhurst House, Fawcett House and Pethick-Lawrence House; 

Centre Building;

Marshall Building;


The Old Building is also access controlled at the weekends so please speak to the reception staff in advance for weekend access.

  • For external attendees please see organising events for more information, you will also have to submit an event form to the Students Union.
  • Remember to allow yourself time to set-up and take-down for your event if required, especially if you are having catering, or rearranging the furniture. There will be other events taking place in the rooms before and after your booking and in the evenings, so please leave the room in the standard room layout (as shown on the diagram, on the wall in the room) ready for the next person to use.