Drop-in sessions

The Financial Support Office holds regular drop in sessions where a designated member of staff is available to answer student queries.


Seeing a member of the Financial Support Office team

If making a special trip to see us, it is advisable to check this web page to ensure the session is running since it may very occasionally be necessary to cancel the session at short notice.

We hold two different drop in sessions, one in the Student Services Centre for all current and prospective students and one in the PhD Academy specifically for PhD student queries. 


From Monday 20th May 2019 there will be a drop in at the Student Services Centre (SSC) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

We will hold a drop in every week day at the start of Welcome Week for the 2019/20 session.

The PhD Academy drop in session is held on Tuesdays 12pm - 1pm and Thursdays 1pm - 2pm. 

Planned closures

The following Financial Support Office Drop In sessions have been cancelled:

  • SSC Drop In - Due to Graduation Ceremonies taking place on campus the Student Services Centre will be closed from Monday 22nd July to Wednesday 24th July - reopening on Thursday 25th July at 11am. All drop-ins will be cancelled during that period.
  • PhD Academy - 10th October 2019, 15th October 2019

However, you can email (financial-support@lse.ac.uk) or call 020 7955 6609 to speak to someone from the Financial Support Office over the phone instead.


The general drop-in session is held in the Student Services Centre in the Old Building.

The PhD query drop-in session is held in the PhD Academy, based in the 4th floor of the Lionel Robbins (Library) building on campus. 

Attending a drop-in session in the Student Services Centre

There is no need to make an appointment to attend the drop in session. You can arrive for the session at anytime. It is usually busier during the first 10-15 minutes, so you may wish to come later in the hour to reduce any potential wait.

There is a queuing area for the Student Services Centre Financial Support Office drop in session which is separate from the General Queries queue. There will be a sign up sheet available for you to add your name to wait to be called forward by the member of staff from the Financial Support Office.

Your query will normally be dealt with at the counter area. If you would prefer to speak in a private area, please let the member of staff from the Financial Support Office know.

If you arrive at the drop in queue and there does not appear to be anyone available at the counter, it is likely that the member of staff taking the session is already dealing with a student. Please wait in the queue until they return to the counter.

PhD students attending a session at the PhD Academy

A separate drop in for PhD students is run in the PhD Academy on Tuesdays 12-1pm and Thursdays 1-2pm.

You can sign up for a specific drop in before hand in person at the Academy, a sign up sheet will be available.


Which drop-in session should I attend?

Here are some of the more common reasons for attending a drop in session, to help you identify which session you require.

Students Services Centre Financial Support Office drop-in session (1-2pm)

  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Applying for a scholarship for the following academic session
  • Queries with completing LSE scholarship or hardship application forms
  • Awards/scholarships missing from LSE For You

PhD Students - PhD Academy drop-in sessions Tuesdays  (1pm- 2pm) Thursdays 12pm-1pm. 

  • All queries relating to LSE Studentships or ESRC funding 
  • Additional funding for ESRC students relating to fieldwork or overseas visits
  • Final Year PhD Funding queries 

Please note the Fees Office are separate to the Financial Support Office can help with queries relating to tuition fee payments, student loans and invoicing. 

Fees Office drop-in session (2-3pm) except Wednesdays 11am - 12pm. 

  • Authorising non-LSE loan applications
  • All queries relating to the payment of LSE tuition fees
  • Fee refund cheques
  • Sponsor invoicing
  • US or Canadian student loans
Download a guide to attending a drop-in session (Word)



All information disclosed during the drop-in session will be kept confidential. If you would like to speak in a private area, please let the member of staff holding the session know.

Contact the Financial Support Office

If you are unable to attend any of the drop-in sessions, you are welcome to contact the Office by email, phone or letter.

Drop-in service statement


If you would like to provide some feedback on your experience of our drop-in service, please contact us.