Graduation Ceremonies

London, December 2022

Information for December 2022 graduates

LSE Graduation students throwing mortar boards in the air on steps of the Old Building, Houghton Street

December ceremonies will take place from 12th-15th. Please find the times and dates for each department's graduation below:

Monday, December 12

2pm, Ceremony A:

  • Gender Studies
  • Psychological and Behavioural Science

5pm, Ceremony B:

  • LSE Law School
  • Methodology
  • School of Public Policy



Tuesday, December 13

9.30am, Ceremony C:

  • Government (The Following Programmes Only: MSc in Comparative Politics; MSC in Public Administration and Government (LSE & Peking University); MSc in Public Policy and Administration; MSc in Regulation)
  • Sociology 

12.30pm, Ceremony D:

  • Government (The Following Programmes Only: MSc in Conflict Studies; MSc in Global Politics, MSc in Political Theory; MSc in Political Science and Political Economy; MRes in Political Science; PhD Programmes)
  • Media and Communications

3.30pm, Ceremony E:

  • Geography (The Following Programmes Only: MSc in Geographic Data Science; MSc in Human Geography & Urban Studies (Research); MSc in Local Economic Development; MSc in Real Estate Economics; MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies; MSc in Urban Policy (LSE & Sciences Po); MSc in Urbanisation and Development)
  • Health Policy
  • Mathematics

6.30pm, Ceremony F:

  • European Institute
  • Geography (The Following Programmes Only: MSc in Environment and Development; MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change; MSc in Environmental Policy & Regulation; PhD Only)

Wednesday, December 14

10.45am, Ceremony G:

  • Economics
  • Management (The Following Programmes Only: Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship; MRes in Management (Employment Relations & H.R.); MRes in Management (Marketing); MRes in Management (Organisational Behaviour); MSc in Management; MSc in Management and Strategy; MSc in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation; MSc Management in Social Innovation and Entreperneurship)
  • Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method

2pm, Ceremony H:

  • Economic History
  • Finance
  • Management (The Following Programmes Only: Global MSc in Management; Global MSc in Management (CEMS MiM); Global MSc in Management (MBA Exchange); MSc in Human Resources and Organisations)

5pm, Ceremony I:

  • Anthropology
  • International Relations
  • Statistics

Thursday, December 15

10.45am, Ceremony J:

  • International Development

2pm, Ceremony K:

  • Interational History
  • Social Policy






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