LSE LIFE for alumni

You used LSE LIFE while you were here, but what about LIFE after LSE? We’re opening all of our services to 2021 graduates for the next year.


If you didn't catch some of our workshops while you were a student - if you'd like a refresher, why not join us? We’re providing a number of spaces for alumni in all of our online workshops this term, so check out our programme and come and (re-)join us!


You can have a chat with LSE LIFE study advisers about ways to adapt and apply the skills you honed at LSE to the work or studies you're now pursuing.  Or perhaps you'd like to talk about ideas for further study? We have appointments available online, and as always, LSE LIFE study advisers are here to listen. 

How to book

To book your place, please contact us by email,  

We will need the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your LSE student ID number
  • Your email address (this will be needed to access both one-to-one chats and workshops)

    If you still have access to your LSE email account please provide your LSE email address. If you no longer have access to your LSE email account please provide a personal email. 

  • If applicable, what workshop you’re interested in attending
  • If applicable, please provide 3 different dates/times you are available for your one-to-one chat. We run appointments from Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm (London Time).

That’s it, we will sort out the rest! Spaces are limited.