What students say about the course

I found the themes and subjects pursued by LSE100 this term very intellectually stimulating. Poverty, development, citizenship, social cohesion, nationalism and so on are timeless and pertinent aspects and issues of our society that are relevant to all disciplines. This, I believe, allowed most students, which came from very different academic and socio-cultural backgrounds, to
relate the studies to their own personal lives.


Another very interesting aspect of LSE100 was how the analysis of social issues was introduced to us. Instead of a factual, statistical demonstration of social phenomena backed up by predictable interpretations of the data provided (very common especially in analyses regarding poverty and inequality), LSE100 presented students with unconventional and contemporary evaluations of the causes and solutions to the social issues.


LSE100 is intended to open your mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking; it is about enhancing the way you interact with students from other disciplines and how well you can grasp complex concepts from a range of academic fields. Only with hindsight do these aspects of LSE100 become apparent. My advice would be to view the LSE100 module as a module preparing you for life. You should join in the class debates presenting and defending your opinion and delve deeper into topics you found particularly interesting. When doing group projects make sure to utilize the skills that each individual has in order to have the best possible project. Moreover, make friends with your fellow classmates! 


…you should be thankful for LSE100. You can probably learn economic modeling or constructing a financial statement in any other university. Aside from not being that big of a burden, LSE100 is what makes doing an undergrad here so unique: you are forced to not be insular in your thinking. Insularity is perhaps the greatest enemy of knowledge, especially in social sciences.


…see it as an academic terrain with challenges and opportunities. For analogy, LSE100 is not an extra weight for the traveller but a supplementary visa, allowing them to enjoy a vast array of experiences in the wonderful country that is Academia. Thanks to LSE100, you will gain access to insightful lectures, given by passionate scholars at the cutting edge of their research, so take advantage of them!