Certificates and Letters

proving that you're a student at LSE

During your time at LSE you may need official documentation to prove that you are studying with us.


Click below for further information on how to get the right documentation for you.

Please note: this webpage is for PhD students only. MRes students can click here to request a certificate or letter. 

Certificate of Enrolment (Bank Letter, Council Tax Exemption, or Visa Letters)

Certificate of Enrolment

You can use a Certificate of Enrolment to prove that you are a current registered student at LSE.

The Certificate of Enrolment can also be used for the following purposes:

Bank Letter

Some banks will ask you for documentation to confirm your enrolment status. These letters will need to be addressed directly to the individual bank and can be selected in the drop down menu.

Council Tax Exemption Certificate

Council Tax Exemption Certificates can be used to give to Local Authorities to prove you are a student. They meet the requirements of all London Local Authorities.

Visa Letters for Travelling Outside the UK

You can request a visa letter for travelling if you need to prove your student status to travel outside the UK. The letter will be addressed to the embassy of the country you plan to visit.

You can request a Certificate of Enrolment by clicking on this link and filling out the form.

If you require a document that contains additional information or you have recently submitted your thesis, please request a Customised Confirmation of Student Status below. 

Customised Confirmation of Student Status

We can produce a customised confirmation of student status letter if a standard Certificate of Enrolment does not contain all of the information you need, for example:

  • If you have recently submitted your thesis and need confirmation of your status
  • Another institution /company has asked that we include a specific phrase or sentence

We will do our best to provide the information that you require but we can only include information that is held on your student record that we are allowed to release. 

Given their bespoke nature these letters must be requested online and may take up to five working days to produce.

You can request a Customised Confirmation of Student Status by clicking on this link, indicating in the dropdown menu that you need a different type of letter and explaining what you need the letter to say in the space provided.