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Being part of a group, sharing and tackling issues with others in a similar situation, can often be a highly effective way to address common difficulties.

What's on offer?

Workshops are one-off sessions, 45 – 90 minutes, with a focus on building psychological wellbeing skills to help you navigate life at LSE. It’s also a chance to meet other people in safe space, and share your experiences and tips. You are welcome to sign up to as many as you like. We offer a mix of online and in-person workshops.

Groups are longer and provide a more in-depth focus on emotional wellbeing in a supportive and confidential environment.  They run over 3 consecutive weeks, and each session is 2 hours (so in total 6 hours). Groups are  “closed” which means that you will be with the same group for the 3 weeks. Groups will either be on-line, or in-person.

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Workshops are run throughout the year online and in person. Other workshops can be found on the LSE LIFE courses page.

What's on this Term?

5 Steps to Beat Exam Stress Workshop

Learn practical strategies to conquer exam anxiety and perform your best. Benefit from expert guidance on time management, study techniques, mindfulness practices and stress relief methods to equip yourself with the tools to thrive during exams and beyond.

Online: Thursday, April 25th, 2pm

Productive Procrastination - What it is and Why we do it?

Are you extremely busy but not completing the things you value the most? Have you considered that you may not be ‘LAZY’ but may be responding rationally to the threat of anxiety?

This workshop offers to support you to see and face productive procrastination as it may appear within your experience of AD(H)D. It is designed to reflect the needs of the following groups:

  • Those with a diagnosis of AD(H)D.
  • Those in the process of being referred for assessment for AD(H)D.
  • Those who are seriously considering whether they may face challenges that fit with what they know about AD(H)D.

By the end of the workshop you be able to :

  • Define Productive Procrastination
  • Identify what activities/behaviours may be seen as Productive Procrastination
  • Compare your own experience of Productive Procrastination to that of others on the AD(H)D journey
  • Develop your awareness of the concept of ‘self-acceptance’ and apply this to your own experience of seeking change.
  • Participate in optional breathwork/ grounding and stretching exercises with the group to support relaxation and anxiety management
  • Collect a self-help resource pack to take away
  • Collect information about the second workshop in this series.

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Do something about procrastination

Do you use procrastination as a distraction technique from completing more important things? Would you like to change these behaviours? If so, this interactive workshop from the Student Wellbeing Service aims to help you understand what procrastination is and why we do it. We will look at how you can begin to overcome these habits by identifying what they are and why we use them. Together we will make a personalised action plan to overcome this behaviour.

Workshops are 60 minutes.

In person: Thursday, May 23rd, 12pm

Online: Monday, June 3rd, 12pm

Get self care into your daily routine: reflective journaling

Are you finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, worried or anxious? This reflective journaling workshop from the Student Wellbeing Service aims to help you organise your thoughts and make sense of how you are feeling through effective reflective practice.

All workshops are 60 minutes

In Person: Monday, May 13th, 12pm

Online: Monday, June 10th, 12pm

Try mindfulness to reduce stress and improve your concentration (LSE LIFE)

Do you find it sometimes difficult to concentrate, your mind jumping from one thing to another? Maybe you feel tired from dealing with the many distractions modern life throws your way? Or perhaps you just feel a bit stressed out generally with the multiple demands of life at LSE? If so, you’re not alone.

Mindfulness can help us focus on the present moment and give us the resources to better manage the challenges that naturally come our way in life. Over the past 10 years it has grown rapidly in popularity and is now offered in schools, hospitals and organisations as diverse as Google and the UK Houses of Parliament.

This short session has been designed to give you a taster of what it is and how you can practice it. You don’t need any prior experience and you don’t need to do any preparation or reading before coming. If you decide it’s for you, you can come to as many sessions as you like (we are repeating them throughout the term).

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Stay on track: how you can set clear goals and stick to them

Do you find it hard to stick to your goals? Do you start for a couple of days or weeks and then give up? Would you like to minimise distractions and the temptation to procrastinate; and instead, plan effectively? If so, come along to this practical workshop from the Student Wellbeing Service, where you can be equipped with the right tools to help you stay on track with your academics and wellbeing.

Workshops are 60 minutes.

In Person: Wednesday, June 5th, 12pm

Get self care into your daily routine: mindfulness

This mindfulness and self-care workshop from the Student Wellbeing Service aims to provide you with a space to take a moment and engage in activities to support your wellbeing. The workshop will provide an opportunity to think about how to adopt self-care in your daily routine through tools and practical tips to decompress, refocus and relax

Workshops are 60 minutes.

In Person: Thursday, May 16th, 12pm 

Breathe your (exam) stress and anxiety away

This workshop from the Student Wellbeing Service introduces some breathing techniques that could help in moments of unwelcome stress and anxiety.

Workshops are 60 minutes.

In Person: Tuesday, May 21st, 12pm

Sleep better: Why sleep matters and how to improve it

Are you struggling to get enough sleep? Would you like to improve your relationship with sleep? This workshop from the Student Wellbeing Service aims to give you a better understanding of what sleep is and how you can improve your relationship with it. Providing you with tips and insights on how you can sleep more effectively.

Workshops are 60 minutes.

In Person: Friday, May 10th, 12pm

Online: Wednesday, June 5th, 12pm


Groups run once a week, for 3 weeks, and offer a space for participants to consider and try out using a range of different techniques that can help you manage yourself whilst at university in a calm shared environment. 

What's on this Term?

Loss and Bereavement Group (In Person)

Have you lost someone in the last year or two, or maybe longer ago? Do you find it difficult to talk about this with others as they may not fully understand your experiences or your emotions? Do you feel isolated in your grief, sadness, anger? Maybe you haven’t given yourself the time to grieve or express your emotions regarding the losses you’ve gone through?

This group will provide a safe space to talk and share. We will also look at good self-care, self-compassion, what can help us manage our emotions.

The Loss and Bereavement group will run for 3 consecutive weeks, and we ask that you attend all three sessions.

Please check back for future dates

Developing Healthier Relationships (In Person)

Are you facing challenges in your relationships with family members, romantic partners, friends or colleagues? Do you feel rather stuck in unhealthy dynamics? Relationships can be hugely rewarding when they are working well, but can become a significant source of stress, hurt or anxiety when things are not going so well.

In this group, participants will be invited to share their ideas and experiences of relationships as we explore various topics such as communication, emotional regulation and dysregulation, relational conflict and repetitive patterns in relationships.

Please check back for future dates

The Art and Science of Self Compassion (In Person)

This group aims to create a supportive space for LSE students to learn about self-compassion.

By the end of the three sessions, students will have gained an increased awareness and understanding of the neuroscience and psychology of self-compassion, learned creative ways of incorporating self-compassion into daily routines and discovered how self-compassion can enhance one’s resilience and wellbeing in the face of academic and personal challenges.

Please check back for future dates

LGBTQ+ Support Group (In Person)

This in-person group is a safe and welcoming space to share experiences and discuss any issues affecting you. It’s co-facilitated by the Student Counselling Service and LSE Students Union.

Everyone is welcome!

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