Diagnostic Assessments

for specific learning difficulties

At LSE, the Disability and Wellbeing Service supports students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

The purpose of a diagnostic assessment is to identify whether your concerns and difficulties with learning are due to a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

This is done by a series of literacy, numeracy and cognitive tasks aimed at locating specific areas of difficulty. Essentially, the tests try to explain the difficulties that you are experiencing. The assessment will also identify areas of strengths and weaknesses that you have intellectually, cognitively, and strategically. It will then analyse the impact that any weaknesses may have on your studies. 

Please note: the purpose of providing a screening and assessment service is to ensure that students can access appropriate support and adjustments whilst studying at LSE. For this reason the service is not available to Alumni, and may not be available to those nearing the end of their course. 

Screenings and previous diagnostic assessments


Prior to having a diagnostic assessment you will normally have a screening. If this screening shows indicators of specific learning difficulties you will be referred for a diagnostic assessment.

If you have not been assessed before, please email disability-dyslexia@lse.ac.uk to start the screening process. 

Previous diagnostic assessments

You may need a new diagnostic assessment if your previous assessment was carried out when you were very young, or if it does not meet UK HE guidelines. If this is the case, your adviser will make a referral for a new assessment as necessary. 

How assessments work at LSE

Who does the diagnostic assessment?

LSE uses qualified professionals who are approved to do diagnostic assessments for dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties in adults.

How long does a diagnostic assessment take?

The whole process takes around three hours. 

Where does a diagnostic assessment happen?

Diagnostic assessments usually take place at LSE, but sometimes a student may need to travel to an assessment centre elsewhere in London.

What happens in the assessment?

The assessor will take you through a range of formal tests and tasks. There will be tests involving reading, writing, spelling, cognitive functioning, logic, thinking, verbal reasoning, memory and many others. Some are timed and some are not timed. 


Assessments will be carried out free of charge for LSE students. This applies to UK, EU/EEA and international students.

Please note that the service is not available to Alumni, and may not be available to students nearing the end of their course. 

What happens after the assessment?

The assessor will write a report and send it to the Disability and Wellbeing Service. The report will state whether you have a specific learning difficulty. The report will also make recommendations where appropriate.

You will then be invited to a meeting where you can collect your copy of the report and discuss the findings.  

If you are found to have a specific learning difficulty, an Inclusion Plan (IP) can be created for you which will outline the support LSE will provide. This support may, if appropriate, include recommendations for Individual Exam Adjustments.

We will also provide ongoing advice and support, this can take the form of one to one appointments in person or by telephone. In most cases you will be assigned a specific adviser.



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