I've changed my name

what you can do

The School requires that your name on your student record must match your full legal name.

LSE requires that your name on your student record must match your full legal name.  This will be your name exactly as it appears on the photographic identity document (usually your passport) which you used to register with us.

Ensuring that you are registered under your full name ensures that we and you comply with any immigration requirements that might apply.  It also means that we can verify degree awards more quickly and accurately when an employer (or other organisation) requests this information.  Your full name will appear on your transcript and degree certificate.  

Student Services Centre in-person counter services are available weekdays, in person at the SSC counter and online via Live Chat. You can check the SSC counter services opening hours and Live Chat availability on the SSC webpage. 

Please make sure you are aware of the Covid secure measures that are in place across LSE before you visit campus.  

I've changed my name - what do I need to do?

If you are still registered with LSE and have changed your name by law e.g. you have married or legally changed your name by enrolled deed poll and you are still a current student and have not yet completed your programme of studies at the School, we will be happy to amend your student record.

To request a change, please bring original legal documents proving your name change to the Student Services Centre.  These may include, for example, an updated passport, enrolled deed poll, or marriage certificate.  A member of staff will take a scan of your documents for verification purposes and update your record for you. 

How do I change my email address?

If you would also like your email address to be updated to match your updated name, then please visit the IT Helpdesk and let them know that a name change has recently been processed by the Student Services Centre.  

The IT Helpdesk can only change your email address in cases when your legal name has changed - they are not able to make changes where there has not been a change to your record.

Will my LSE Card also be updated?

LSE cards must match the name held on your student record. 

If your name has changed significantly, then you will automatically be contacted by the Student Advice and Engagement Team. 

Please submit an enquiry  if you believe you are entitled to a new ID card and have not been contacted.

I use a different name to that shown on my ID

If you are not typically known by your legal name, we can record this separately and will ensure that you are addressed by your preferred name.  If this is the case, please visit the Student Services Centre or submit an enquiry  your LSE email account to ask for your “Known As” name to be updated. 

In this case, your "Known As" name will be used in day-to-day communication and unofficial correspondence from LSE, but will not appear on official documents (unless it is part of your legal name as it appears on the document you used to register at LSE).  

Similarly, you can specify the name by which you wish to be announced during your graduation ceremony if you wish.  

What can't we do?

LSE is unable to add names to your official record that do not appear on the document you used to register.  

We are also unable to remove names that do appear on your registration document, but that you do not commonly use.  

Records cannot be changed retrospectively after graduation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your name is recorded correctly and as per your ID document before you graduate.

Changing your name after graduation

Records cannot be changed retrospectively after graduation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your name is recorded correctly and as per your ID document before you graduate.

Even if you have changed your name, by law, after graduating from LSE, unfortunately we are unable to amend your student record retrospectively to reflect this change. The degree certificate is a legal document and we are unable to retrospectively amend it following graduation. 


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