“LSE stands for respect, consent and providing support for our students.”
– Minouche Shafik, LSE Director

 As a School, we are committed to working together to end sexual violence, bullying, harassment, discrimination and hate crime. Together, we are continuing to develop a community that is diverse, equitable and truly inclusive.

‘Making a Choice’ refers to the decisions we make every day, at university or in our personal lives that impact other people. It is the choice we make to treat others with respect, stepping in when we see something that doesn’t look right, knowing where we can report inappropriate and abusive behaviour and places we can go to for support. Watch our video to hear more from School leadership and LSE Students’ Union about the choice we are making as a School community.

Making a Choice Making a Choice


Choose respect

We all make choices daily, from big decisions to small actions. Do you stop to think about the choices you make and their impact?

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and have a safe environment in which to work, study and live. All members of LSE have a responsibility to uphold this, as set out in the Student Charter, The Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy and the Ethics Code. We all play a role in building a safe and welcoming institution for everyone at LSE.

Choose to act

Help us to end sexual violence, harassment, bullying and discrimination. If you hear something offensive, or witness a problematic situation, are you prepared to step in? In difficult situations we often assume that someone else will do something - if we all assume someone else will step in, nothing happens.

We can all try to act on our values in a way that is safe and appropriate – not leave it to someone else. ‘Positive Intervention’ describes a safe, positive response to a problem or situation by someone who is a bystander. You can learn more about consent, respect and positive intervention by accessing the resources offered through Consent.Ed.

Choose support

If you have survived or witnessed any form of sexual violence, discrimination, harassment, or bullying you did not deserve this and it was not your fault. You do deserve to have support and can visit our 'Sources of support' page for more information on what is available at LSE and from external organisations.

Choose to report

Violence, discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind has no place on our campus. If you experience, or are witness to, any form of this and you want to report this to LSE, you can either do so online or in-person.