Skype for Business and Telecoms

Skype for Business is now available on LSE Self Service for Mac users

Please find a selection of FAQs/guides below on how to use Skype for Business (S4B) and Telecom services.

Telephone Quick Guides

Skype for Business (S4B) FAQs


1. Can I switch it off?

Yes. It’s the difference between choosing Close or Exit. Close simply closes the window but leaves S4B running in the background so that you will still receive alerts. Exit shuts down the application.

To exit S4B:

  • In the Skype for Business main window, click the arrow next to the Options (cog) button.
  • Click File.
  • Click Exit.

For further details, see Microsoft’s online guidance.

2. Who has access to my S4B conversations?

Skype for Business and other informal communication tools such as Yammer* are useful ways of communicating with others around the School.

Although branded as informal, these tools still contain recorded information which may be subject to a Data Protection or a Freedom of Information request. By default, Skype for Business saves your IM conversations as part of the Conversations in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013.

Please therefore keep in mind that whatever you write in Skype for Business could be disclosed under UK law. In this regard, you should search these tools when a request is received. Do make sure that whatever you write using these tools are things you would be happy for a third party to see.

If you would like to stop saving previous IM conversations, please see Microsoft’s FAQ: How do I save or stop saving previous IM conversations?

*Please note: LSE Yammer data is deleted after two years. 

If you have any queries, please contact Rachael Maguire, Records Manager ext 4622 email

3. I already have Skype and use Skype at work – what’s the difference?

S4B is for internal LSE communications only and uses the LSE Outlook Address book. To communicate with an external contact you must use Skype.


For further details, see Microsoft’s online guidance.

4. Can I contact those outside of LSE on S4B?

At this moment in time you cannot Instant Message an external contact using S4B, but you can hold meetings using S4B with external contacts who are also using S4B. For instant messaging with external contacts you must still use Skype (available on LSE computers).

For further details on joining a S4B meeting arranged by an external user, see Microsoft’s online guidance.

5. Can I make calls with S4B?

Yes, you can make calls to LSE numbers with S4B, but you will need a headset. See Can I contact those outside of LSE on S4B? for advice on calling external users.

6. How do I order a headset so I can make voice calls/participate in video conferences?

Through Office Depot by following the normal process for ordering stationery. 

Suggested product: Verbatim USB Multimedia headset, item number: 7093719

7. I am not working on a Windows device – how can I get S4B?

Skype for Business is available on LSE Self Service (software and applications for LSE Macs).

LSE Self Service is found on the docking station of all LSE managed Macs. 

8. Can I use S4B from home?

Yes, you will need to install the software.

  • Sign in to your LSE Office 365 account.
  • Go to the top right corner of the page and look for the Install Software option.
  • Click Other installs, select Skype for Business from the left hand menu and follow the instructions.

For further details, see Microsoft’s online guidance.

9. S4B is not updating my availability – where does it read this and how can I change it?

The automatic changing of your availability status is taken from your Calendar. Ensure you have the following setting switched on:

  • Click the Options (‘Cog’) button
  • Click Personal in the left navigation pane
  • Click Update my presence based on my calendar information

For further details, see Microsoft’s online guidance.

Telecoms / School Sponsored Mobile Device FAQs

1. Who is eligible for a School-sponsored mobile device?

School-sponsored mobile devices are only issued to members of staff directly employed by LSE.


2. How much does it cost?

Your department will need to pay an upfront cost for the mobile device. This amount will depend on the type of device supplied. In addition, there will be a monthly contract charge with possible additional costs for calls made, data downloaded or roaming.

The following packages are available up until February 2020 (prices shown are excluding VAT):

EE Tariff Monthly Line RentalHandset Credit Allowance  

Voice only with

Tech Fund



Unlimited calls, texts to UK landlines and mobiles (Note: roaming will be barred on this tariff.)




Unlimited calls, texts to UK landlines and mobiles, 2GB of 4G data , Pay When Roaming




Unlimited calls, texts to UK landlines and mobiles, 4GB of 4G data, Pay When Roaming




Unlimited calls, texts to UK landlines and mobiles, 8GB of 4G data, Pay When Roaming

PS+ 16GB



Unlimited calls, texts to UK landlines and mobiles, 16GB of 4G data, Pay When Roaming

EE Care



Insurance for one registered EE device.

If you have any queries, please contact

3. How much data can I use and what happens if I go over my limit?

It will depend on what package you have chosen. A “Voice only with Tech Fund” provides you with no data in your package, whereas PS+ 4GB will provide you with 4GB of data per month. Where data downloaded in a month exceeds the limits of a data add-on plan, then the excess data will be charged at the Out of Bundle rate. 

You can continue to use data services after reaching the cap but charges can rapidly become very high.

4. What handsets do you recommend?

Please speak to the IT Service Desk to discuss your options. 


5. How can I access my IMEI number?

In most cases, you can determine your device's unique identifier (or IMEI number) by dialling * # 06 # on your handset. The number should be displayed on the screen.

If you need help, please contact the IT Service Desk.

You should keep a separate note of your IMEI number in case you lose your handset or it stops working.

6. Can I use my phone to access the internet / email?

To have access to the Internet/email your mobile device will need to be a Smartphone or an iPhone. Discuss your requirements with the IT Service Desk, who will recommend a device suitable for your needs.

7. What happens when I leave the School can I keep my phone or number?

You must return the mobile device to the Walk in Centre in the Library and you will be issued with a receipt for the equipment returned. Please give a copy of this receipt to your departmental administrator or head of department, so they can request that the IMT support team reissues the phone and/or number.

The Walk In Centre will be able to advise how to reset the device and in the case of Apple devices remove the associated Apple ID.

The number remains the property of the School and cannot be transferred for personal ownership. You should make the necessary arrangements to ensure that people you wish to remain in contact with have alternative ways of reaching you.

8. I've lost my phone or it was stolen what should I do?

Handsets that are lost or stolen must be reported immediately to Data and Technology Services: or telephone 0207 107 5000 (an out-of-hours voicemail service operates) so that the handset can be deactivated.

In the case of a stolen device please provide LSE Security and IMT with the crime reference number, so the device can be recorded as stolen in the School’s asset management system.

It is strongly recommended that users keep a separate note of their handset's IMEI number, which will need to be provided to the operator in order to deactivate the handset. This number can be obtained by following the instructions that came with the handset or by contacting IMT.

EE offer comprehensive insurance protection for phones if they are lost, stolen or damaged. EE Care costs £5+VAT per month and must be taken out for a minimum of three months.

If you have any queries, please contact us:

9. How can I access LSE resources from my mobile phone?

At LSE you can check your email, connect to the wireless network and check PC availability on campus with your mobile phone.

Please check with your mobile network any data usage charges that may be incurred in the UK and abroad if you intend to use your mobile provider's data connection.

10. Can I obtain mobile broadband for my laptop?

Please discuss your requirements with the IT Service Desk.

11. Can I use my own mobile device?

You may choose to use your personally owned device for work-related activity but before doing so you should consider the following points:

  • Typically, the School will only reimburse calls made on personal mobile devices in exceptional circumstances and in all cases, appropriate evidence* of use must be provided;
  • use would still be governed by the School's Conditions of use of IT facilities and the School may reasonably request access to LSE owned data held on any personally owned device;
  • users should check that their own personal contractual agreement permits such use;
  • any LSE-owned or derived data should be appropriately secured. Further guidance can be found at Information Security or from the School's Information Security Manager.

*Appropriate evidence is an itemized bill showing the actual work-related calls made and cost incurred. Please note that the School does not reimburse monthly line rental charges.

12. Can I use my phone abroad? (and if so what does it cost?)

You are able to use your phone abroad but you must be aware of the increased usage charges. These will be greater than the charges in the UK and will be dependent on the country you are visiting. 

Pay When Roaming 

Pay When Roaming is a much improved offering from EE.

For a £2 daily access fee users can make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages whilst in the European Economic Area (EEA) and includes a 500MB data roaming allowance.

In addition EE offers a £6 daily access fee for their “Traveller Zone” that gives the same voice, data and text allowances for a number of countries outside of Europe.

If you are planning on travelling to countries not included in EE’s Pay When Roaming zones please contact EE's Business Customer Services team using 158 (from your EE mobile) or 0800 0790158 from any phone. 

13. Who is the School's mobile telephony supplier?

The School's contracted supplier for mobile telephony is EE.

14. How long is the supplier contract for?

New device contracts are usually established for a period of 24 months.

If the school's contract with EE terminates before the individual device contract then a fee is payable to cover the difference.

For detailed advice, please contact the IT Service Desk

15. My phone or device has stopped working what should I do?

Please report the problem to EE on 07973 100 158 (158 from your mobile) or the IT Service Desk for support. Any connection issues are best reported on the day, as EE cannot diagnose faults that are not current due to access to the network. 

Email and provide your name, extension number, department, mobile number and a description of the problem. If you do not have access to email, you can phone 0207 107 5000 (an out-of-hours voicemail service operates).

If we cannot resolve the problem and your device needs to be replaced, we will determine if your device is still under warranty. If it is, then we will arrange for your device to be replaced free of charge. If the warranty has expired, your department will need to purchase a replacement device for you. A price list is obtainable from

If it becomes apparent that your SIM card is faulty, this will be replaced free of charge by EE.

You will need to remove the SIM card and keep it safe. Contact IMT so that we can arrange for the courier to exchange your old device for a replacement:

16. Can I get an upgrade?

Upgrades are only available at the end of a contract term.

As your current device may be discontinued, please discuss your requirements with your IT Service Desk. Your needs may have changed and they will be able to recommend a suitable new device.

In all cases, the 'old' handset must be returned to Data and Technology Services and you will be issued a receipt for the equipment returned. Please ensure that the device is wiped and any Apple ID’s have been disassociated with the returned device. Please keep your SIM card safe as your support team will require this to configure your new device.

Mobile Tariffs