Security services

General information

The Security team are available on campus 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year at the main School site based around Houghton Street (it does not deal with these matters at the halls of residence).

Crime reporting - To report a crime on campus please contact the security control room on extension 2000 (020 7955 6200) or call in person to the main reception/security desk at Old Building in Houghton Street.crime

Petty thieves are a problem throughout London. Help keep these thieves out of LSE by dialling 666 (020 7955 6555) if you see anything suspicious.

For more advice about personal safety and crime prevention during your time at LSE and in London take the time to read our Staying Safe booklet (pdf).

LSE ID Cards

LSE ID Cards

Lost LSE Campus ID Cards should be reported to the Central Badging Office on email address:  A new card will be issued from the original issuing point - Student Services Centre for Undergraduate and MSc students, PhD Academy for PhD students and the Central Badging Office for staff and Ancillary cards.

Upgrading of your LSE Campus ID Card access level should be applied for through the Central Badging office using the above contact details.

For visiting academics or agency staff, Security can provide an Ancillary ID card (formerly Associate card).  Authorised requestors are required to complete the form.  An email confirmation will be sent when the card is ready for collection.  Applications will be processed by the end of the following working day.  Enquiries should be directed to



Salto locks - operational using blue fob key

The standard Salto lock time schedules to landing/Departmental doors (not office doors): - Unlock at 09:30 and lockdown at 17:00 Monday to Friday

Fob Access Levels

  • Staff (Level 30): 7am – 12 Midnight Mon-Fri & 8am – 10pm Sat/Sun

  • Researchers (Level 30): 7am – 12 Midnight Mon-Fri & 8am – 10pm Sat/Sun

For new fob requests and reprogramming of existing fobs please complete the online form.

LSE Campus Cards - Access Levels

  • Staff (Level 30): 7am – 11pm Mon-Fri & 8am – 10pm Sat/Sun

  • Researchers (Level 30): 7am – 11pm Mon-Fri & 8am – 10pm Sat/Sun

  • Students (Level 10 – access to department only – no offices): 8am – 9.30pm Mon-Fri

Salto updaters

Salto fobs must be updated annually, and following any reprogramming.

To do this touch the fob against the fob updater, until the green light shows.  Find your nearest updater from the list below:




By Reception desk


By Reception desk


By Reception desk


Lift Lobby


Lift Lobby


Lift Lobby


Lift Lobby


Entrance Lobby


Lift Lobby


Lift Lobby


Entrance Lobby


Portsmouth street Entrance Lobby


Opposite Reception desk


Lift Lobby


Lift Lobby


Entrance Lobby


Lift Lobby


Entrance Lobby


By Reception desk


Lift Lobby


By Reception desk


Entrance Lobby


Entrance Lobby by S53


Central Badging Office

The Central Badging Office is located in OLD 1.03c

Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

You can contact the office on: or call: 020 7107 5121

Crime statistics

Current crime statistics

LSE being an educational institution encourages an open environment. LSE comprises of 30 large buildings & potentially 11,000 inhabitants working here in the heart of a great city - our crime rate is nothing to be complacent about - but it is not exceptionally high either and certainly not frightening - violence is unusual. The Security, Reception and Porters teams are there to help you.
Crime Statistics help us to combat crime and ensure that our actions are directed by hard facts as opposed to rumours. Rumours can be destructive and un-justifiably raise fear.  To aid understanding we publish the most recent set of statistics below, along with annual figures going back over the last four years which give some depth to consideration of these issues:

LSE crime statistics 2022
LSE crime statistics 2019 - 2021

For more information on crime statistics in London please see Met Police crime mapping.

Fire and other emergencies

Buildings are equipped with fire alarm systems that include, 'alarm call points' at exits, smoke detectors and magnetic locks on key perimeter doors that automatically release when the fire alarm sounds. Fire extinguishers & fire hoses are placed in strategic positions. Means of escape are provided in accordance with legal requirements such as emergency fire escape routes & stairs. Emergency exits are clearly marked.

Familiarise yourself with emergency exits - especially when working in any building outside normal opening hours. See Use of School buildings outside hours.

In the event of fire, sound the alarm by pressing the nearest 'fire call point.' Shut doors and windows. Do NOT try to extinguish the fire using hose reels or extinguishers unless you can do this without risk to yourself or others. Do NOT return to the building to collect personal belongings. Go straight to the fire assembly point and remain there until advised that the building is safe to re enter by fire wardens.

List of fire assembly points

Keeping Safe


A user friendly and fully access controlled locker room facility with 1000 locker units is situated in OLD B.27, access by LSE Staff or Student ID card only . These are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are subject to Conditions of Use (PDF). Padlocks to secure the lockers can be purchased from the SU Shop.  Please do not use inappropriate padlocks (lock hasp must be a minimum 6.3mm in diameter).  There is no charge for the use of this facility and all you require to enter the room and operate the locker is a valid LSE campus (ID) card.  Lockers in SAW are allocated on a first come first served basis against a deposit for the year (September-June).

Library book lockers are available for LSE students to hire from the start of the academic session, the application process will be advertised at the start of term. For general enquiries about book lockers please check the LSE Library website or email

The School provides secure laptop lockers for use by students and staff. These lockers are located in room OLD G.15, for directions to this room please speak to the staff on duty at the Old Building reception desk.

Looking after your bike

Lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand or immovable object.  Lock 'tight' so your bike is hard to move manoeuvre when parked.  Secure your lock so it does not touch the ground, it is always best to use two locks.  Go for a strong D-lock and sturdy chain lock. This means that a thief  will need different tools to break each lock, making theft less likely.

Opening times of buildings

Campus opening times

Monday - Friday, 7am - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 10pm

  • Access to campus buildings is by LSE swipe card or via main reception in the Old Building.
  • Campus access at weekends is primarily for staff only, although access is avaliable for students to buildings where services such as sports facilities operate during weekends.
  • During holiday periods access arrangements may vary, further information will be displayed on this page.
  • If you are organising an event where the finish time is likely to extend beyond core business hours/building closing time, please contact LSE Room Bookings for advice.

Library opening times

Autumn, Winter and Spring Terms
, 24-hour opening
Summer Vacation, 8am - midnight

Property lost and found

Property lost and found is handled by the School's security teams working at the reception desk in the main entrance to Old Building.

To contact the Lost Property Office please e-mail: - or alternatively call on 020 7955 7988.

The opening times for the Lost Property Office (Room Old B.23) are:
Monday to Thursday 9.30am - 1.30pm (excluding bank holidays and closure periods).

It is always recommended that you either e-mail or telephone in advance of visiting.  
The volume of property lost and found in the School annually is high. This causes the security teams a lot of unnecessary work. Every year around 2000 items of property are deposited. Over 60% of all property deposited is restored to the loser. A heart warming feature of the system is that sums of money are not infrequently deposited. Some of these sums of money are quite large. That is a good indication of the honesty and character of most of the students, staff and visitors resorting to our School.

Property that remains unclaimed at the end of three months is either restored to the finder in appropriate cases or is given to charitable organisations.

Useful links

Ancillary card request form

Salto fob request form

Staying Safe (pdf)
Personal safety and crime prevention advice for life at LSE and in London.

Met police crime mapping web site.

Crime reduction toolkits for students
This website provides information and advice on mostly all areas of student victimisation and gives key and successful ways and examples on student crime reduction initiatives.

The mix - 0808 808 4994
A national Help line for under 25's

Sane line - 0300 304 7000
Out of hours mental health help, 6pm to 11pm,