About LSE Generate

Our story. Our journey. Our future.

LSE Generate is the School’s home for entrepreneurship. The hub supports any student or alumni building a socially responsible business, here in the UK and across the world. 

Grow and thrive and kick ass in our messy but beautiful and only world

Generate’s all-year round programme supports LSE innovators, at whatever stage of their entrepreneurial journey, and provides the infrastructure to build, develop and scale their ideas in order to address and deliver on the UN Sustainale Development Goals, and - in true LSE style - to contribute to the betterment of society.

We are proud to work with some of the most inventful student and alumni entrepreneurs of LSE and beyond. We have built a strong network and continue to expand through events, courses, funding and coworking opportunities, accelerator programmes, and more.

Our most recent project has been the development of a brand new, fully kitted, exceptionally cosy coworking space: The Creation Cave.

The Cave Manifesto

The LSE Generate dictionary definition of cave /keiv/ noun: a place to shelter from tempestuous times, to connect deeply and daringly with a family, to nurture and be nourished and to grow and thrive and kick ass in our messy but beautiful and only world. 

Welcome, all (no ifs or buts). Make yourself at home!  Pop the kettle on. Share everything.  Eat the cake. Bake a cake. Offset it with wonky fruit. Stay for Friday drinks. Ideate, understand the cause of things, create, listen to the experts but follow your gut, build, fail elegantly and freely, tell someone you failed, tell someone you like their work, learn, create some more and inspire and impact a world that is screaming out for you, your story and your business.

A community of innovators who see something that doesn’t seem right; who see it, say it, and then solve it. Your time is now, and we’ve got your back!  Transactional or transformative, never emerge from this place without a new story to tell.  Mute the fake noos with authenticity and vulnerability. Care for your peers. 

Hit the gong. Then hit the road. For the betterment of society.


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We couldn't have achieved what we achieved without donations. The LSE Entrepreneurship Fund supports LSE Generate and allows us to develop, implement and scale different opportunities to contribute to LSE entrepreneurs' socially driven ventures and take business ideas to the next stage. We'd be eternally grateful if you're willing to contribute! 

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