Courses and programmes


New proposals

All new taught course and programme proposals require approval from the Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee (USSC), the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee (GSSC) or the Research Degrees Sub-Committee (RDSC).

Please see the Sub-committee dates and deadlines for 2023/24.

Further information on course and programme approval can be found on the New courses and New programmes pages.

The Guidance and School principles section provides further information on different types of programmes, examinations, marking and class and seminar size limits.

Modifications to existing provision

Following the decision taken by the Academic Board to approve the devolution of specified QA responsibilities to Department Teaching Committees (DTCs), as of 2018/19 decisions about the majority of standard modifications to existing courses and programmes rest with each department.

This devolved framework is described in Sections 11-16 of the Quality Assurance Handbook, and amounts to the majority of decisions previously taken by the Education Committee Sub-Committee (USSC, GSSC and RDSC) Chair’s action, plus most modifications to existing programme regulations previously considered by the Sub-Committees providing these are made in accordance with established timelines for the update and publication of information for prospective students. 

Please refer to Modifications to existing courses and programmes for further information.