Courses and programmes


New proposals

All new taught course and programme proposals require approval from either the Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee (USSC) or the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee (GSSC). Please see the Sub-committee dates and deadlines for 2017/18.

The School policy on programmes and courses sets out the School's policy and procedures for programme and course approval, modification, suspension and withdrawal.

Further information on course and programme approval can be found on the New courses and New programmes pages.

The Guidance and School principles section provides further information on different types of programmes, examinations, marking and class and seminar size limits.

Modifications to existing provision

Modifications to existing courses and programmes also require committee approval. The proposed modification will be considered either by a School Sub-Committee or its Chair, depending on the extent of the change. The appropriate Sub-Committee Secretary will advise on this. Please refer to Modifications to existing courses and Modifications to existing programmes for further information.

Most modifications to existing courses require Sub-Committee approval.

Before submitting a proposal, you should read the guidance on modifications to existing provision. Please see the links on the right hand side of this page.



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