Heating times and instructions

How to keep warm in your room

Information and heating times for your hall

How are the heating systems controlled? 

Your hall will have one of two basic ways of heating:

  • individually controlled heating
  • central heating

Even central heating can be turned off by you yourself. Central heating is controlled by a timer and thermostat and will be turned off during the summer. During the colder months, the heating will generally come on for a few hours in the morning and in the evening. So no matter whether you have individually controlled or central heating: if you are too hot when the heating is on, please turn it off to regulate the temperature. For more heating information, view the heating instructions for your hall. 

What other things can I do to keep warm?

If you are feeling a little cold, please make sure that doors and windows are closed, and that you are wearing warm clothing. Please do not buy personal electric heaters as they pose a significant risk of fire.

View the heating instructions for your hall