Moving out of halls

​Top tips for checking out of your room in LSE halls

Helpful checklist of things to do before before leaving your room

Tell us when you're leaving - room check out notice

This helps us predict busy periods so that we can better manage your departure.

Tell us when you're leaving

Pay your bill

Make sure you've paid all your room fees and clear any outstanding balances (however small) before you leave. To check your balance and pay, log into your accommodation account

Donate things you don't want to keep

Your hall may even have a donations room that you can take things to that you no longer want to keep but that are still usable. Ask at reception for details. Alternatively, there are lots of charities in London, who are grateful for donations of household items. 

Remember to take your bicycle

If you have a bicycle in your hall's bike store, remember to take it with you. ​If you can't take it with you, make sure you donate/sell/give it away before check out day. If you leave your bike behind, we won't be able to store it for you. And we may have to charge you for the cost of disposal. 

Get cleaning and pack your things

Your room and the kitchen should be as you found them when you moved in: clean, and empty of all personal belongings. Wipe down all surfaces and sweep/hoover the floors.

Check your sockets for phone chargers and adapters, they're some of the most commonly left behind items. And remember to check the fridge and any food cupboards. We may have to charge you if you leave belongings or rubbish in your room. A list of charges is in the Student Halls Handbook [PDF]

Book summer storage if you can't take everything with you

We've teamed up with LoveSpace to help you store your things, as we can't offer this service in our halls directly. For details and prices, visit:

Change your postal address and redirect your mail

Give your new address to your bank and other important services. Your hall can't keep or redirect your mail, but Royal Mail offers a redirection service for a small fee. That means they'll forward any post to your new address for up to a year. Visit: Royal Mail: Redirection 

Return your keys

Hand back all your keys and keycards. ​​You may be asked to complete an exit form or departure folder to sign your keys back in. ​​Charges for lost keys are in the Student Halls Handbook [PDF]

Check your check-out time

Usually, that's 10am on your last day, but it may differ slightly from hall to hall. Check with reception if you're not sure, or if you haven't received a check-out information email. 

Plan your onward travel

Don't leave it until the last minute to plan your onward travel. Check-out day will be a super busy time in your hall, so make sure you've sorted transport beforehand. If you're going to the airport, Transport For London has great advice at: London airports

Don't panic, we're here to help

Contact the team in your hall if you need any information or support. Visit: Contacts in halls of residence