About us


LSE Careers' mission is to facilitate transitions from education to employment, supporting the development of the skills required to build, and maintain, fulfilling careers. Occupying a unique position within LSE that straddles student services, education and external relations functions, we operate centrally while also delivering a significant proportion of tailored and targeted interventions that support academic departments and other areas of the School.

Students arrive at LSE with very different life experiences, interests and ambitions, and at different stages of readiness in relation to their future working lives. Our offer is predicated on a commitment that all should have the opportunity to reflect on their values and experiences, explore interests and opportunities, and gain the experience they need to take the next step in their career journey.

We are a professional service division of circa 35 core staff reporting into the School Management Committee (SMC) through the Pro-Director for Education.

Our 2021-23 goals

Our goals outline our key priorities for the coming years, underpinned by our commitment to ensuring consistent career development opportunities for all students and graduates:

1.  Help students and recent alumni to explore, define and achieve their ambitions across all stages of career planning

2.  Facilitate and provide access to a range of work-based learning interventions for those that need them most

3.  Diversify and expand the way we work with our employer and alumni base to support students in making crucial connections

4.  Use data, insight and feedback to design tailored service provision

5.  Meet the needs of our international community wherever they are located and wish to work

6.  Develop our diversity and inclusion initiatives

7.  Contribute to LSE 2030 and individual initiatives across the School in areas that harness and relate to our areas of expertise

Our partners


We partner with international and national organisations, charities, start-ups and local businesses so that all employers can access our international students and graduates.


We work with alumni to support them with their early career planning for up to 5 years after course completion and to and to facilitate their engagement with current students, enabling them to share their experience and insights for life after LSE.

Academic departments

We work closely with academic departments to design tailored and sector specific careers programmes for students.

Professional services

We collaborate closely with other services across the School including LSE LIFE, LSE Generate and the Digital Skills Lab which enables us to deliver a comprehensive professional skills development programme for students and graduates.


We are committed to engaging with students as partners and giving them opportunities to influence and shape our work. Our Student advisory group (SAG) provides a mechanism through which students are formally consulted on our work and decisions.

Our team

We compromise three sub teams, led by the Director. We work collaboratively while retaining specific areas of responsibility:

Careers education and advice

Provide one-to-one appointments, deliver seminars and workshops and manage bespoke programmes within academic departments.

Employer engagement

Act as SPOCs with employer recruitment teams, manage jobs board, secure employer presence at events, generate income which finances staff positions, the LSESU, and certain not for profit activities.

Student experience and operations

Provide operational support including events organisation, marketing support, website management, data analysis, student feedback, and run our resources centre, welcoming students and responding directly and by email to student queries.


We work hard to reduce the environmental impacts of our careers service. Our approach and initiatives contribute towards create a #SustainableLSE.

How to contact us

We're available week days on email and telephone throughout the year.