Maintenance payments

Information for those with LSE funding which includes a maintenance payment.

If you have been awarded funding from LSE such as a scholarship, studentship, award, etc. that includes a maintenance payment, or stipend, this will be paid directly to your bank account. 

Maintenance payments will be paid at the start of each term directly to your bank account saved in the Finance Hub. LSE Term Dates can be found here.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Financial Support Office.

How will my maintenance payment be paid?

Maintenance payments from LSE funding will be paid direct to your UK bank account.   

You will need to make sure that your UK bank account details have been submitted to the LSE Finance Hub: For security reasons you will be required to log in and authenticate using your LSE network account ( credentials.

You will be prompted to enter:

  • your bank account name (your name registered with the bank, e.g. James Smith)
  • your bank name (HSBC, NatWest, etc.)
  • bank sort code
  • bank account number 

You will only need to submit these deytails once and they will be stored in the Finance Hub for future payments. Once yor bank details have been validated (this process can take 5 working days), you will be able to view them via the 'My details' tile in the Finance Hub.

Please note that we can only pay a UK bank account in GBP, we cannot pay an account from an overseas bank or in a different currency. You can only submit details of a bank account in your name; bank accounts in another name other than yours will not be validated. 

If you have difficulties accessing the Finance Hub please use the Finance Division enquiry form; then select that you are a current or former student, and that you want to contact Fees, Income and Credit Control. 

Further guidance on using the Finance Hub along with general guidance on your LSE Finances

How much will I receive?

If your maintenance payment is less than £1,000 for the academic year, you will be paid the full amount in the AutumnTerm.

Maintenance payments with a value of over £1,000 in total for the academic year will be split into termly instalments of 33% in Autumn Term, 33% in Winter Term and 34% in Spring Term. 

When will my stipend be paid? 

Maintenance payments will be paid at the start of each term as long as your bank account details are stored in the Finance Hub. LSE Term Dates can be found here.

Payments at the start of Autumn Term are also reliant on you having completed registration or re-registration for continuing students, so may come through to your bank account within the first week of term. Please check registration information:

You will be emailed a remittance advice when payment has been made, and will be able to view the BACS payments in the Finance Hub within My finance and then Scholarships. Please allow 2-3 working days for the funds to reach your bank account once you receive the remittance advice. 

What if my stipend payment is for the wrong amount?

If you receive a maintenance payment that you think is incorrect please contact the LSE Financial Support Office immediately. If you accept money that you are not entitled to, you will have to repay it. This also applies if you interrupt or withdraw from your studies shortly after receiving a maintenance payment for the whole term.