Maintenance payments

LSE offers many students a maintenance stipend along with a tuition fee payment from our scholarships.

The maintenance stipend of your scholarship is to cover your living costs such as accommodation, travel, food etc.

In order to give you access to these funds for your living costs, LSE produces a cheque at the start of each term for you. The cheque will need to be paid into a bank account that accepts sterling.

LSE Term Dates can be found here

My LSE scholarship fee payment

During the start of the academic year information on awards is updated whilst Registration takes place. This will result in your award being transferred to your LSE tuition fee account. This will take a few days whilst our internal systems process LSE Scholarship awards and fee payments against your registration status. Please do not be concerned if this takes a few days, this will take some time as all the systems update.

When can I collect my cheque?

If you have a maintenance stipend that covers the whole academic session then a cheque will be produced for you at the start of each term.

Cheques for the Lent Term 2020 are now ready to be collected from the Student Services Centre. You must be registered and bring your student ID card with you.

The final instalment will be ready at the start of the Summer Term, Monday 4th May 2020.

You will also be notified by email that your cheque is ready and you can collect it from the Student Services Centre (SSC). 

How much will I receive?

For each academic session all maintenance stipends will be split into approximate thirds, with the Summer Term instalment slightly higher. Even though the Summer Term is shorter, there is a long gap until the start of the next term.

If your award is less than £1,000 for the whole session then you will be paid the full amount of the award in the Michaelmas Term.

Examples of the payment breakdown:

Maintenance stipend = £10,000
Termly Values: £3,300 | £3,300 | £3,400

Maintenance stipend = £14,400
Termly values: £4,752 | £4,752 | £4,896

Maintenance stipend = £17,009
Termly values: £5,612.97 | £5,612.97 | £5,783.06

Maintenance stipend = £18,000
Termly values: £5,940 | £5,940 | £6,120

What if I cannot collect my cheque?

Cheques are valid for six months from their date of issue.

If you are an ESRC or LSE PhD Studentship holder and  unable to collect a cheque due to fieldwork commitments then alternative arrangements can be made. Please see further details below and contact us before you start your period of fieldwork. 

You can nominate a third party to collect the cheque on your behalf. Please email from your LSE email account and cc the person you wish to nominate, putting '3rd party cheque collection' in the subject. The nominated person will then need to show their own ID and a copy of the email at the SSC counter in order for the cheque to be released to them.

How do I receive my cheque if I am on fieldwork?

The Financial Support Office and the PhD Academy must be informed of the period that you are away from the School due to your fieldwork.

If you are unable to collect your maintenance stipend cheques due to your fieldwork commitments alternative arranges can be made to allow you to still receive your stipend funds.

Please note that we are currently unable to do bank transfers; therefore all cheques should be collected from the Student Services Centre in the term for which they are issued. Cheques are valid for six months from the date of issue.

Option 1 - You can nominate a third party to collect your cheque

  • Please email the Financial Support Office ( from your LSE account to give your permission for the cheque to be collected. You must include your LSE ID number and the full name of whoever you have nominated and copy them into the email.
  • The person collecting the cheque will need to take a copy email and their own ID to the general enquiries counter of the Student Services Centre and will be given your cheque.

Option 2 - The Financial Support Office can bank the cheque on your behalf

If you would like us to bank your cheque, please provide the following information by email to

  • Your full name as used on your account
  • The name of your bank
  • Your sort code
  • Your bank account number
  • The dates that you will be on fieldwork so that we know how many cheques we will be responsible for banking

Once you have returned from your fieldwork please let the Financial Support Office know as soon as possible. 

What if my cheque is for the wrong amount?

If you receive a scholarship maintenance cheque that you think is incorrect please contact the LSE Financial Support Office immediately. If you accept money that you are not entitled to, you will have to repay it. This also applies if you interrupt or withdraw from your studies shortly after accepting a maintenance cheque for the whole term.