Campus Enrolment

for new MPhil/PhD and visiting research students

We are delighted that you have chosen to study with us. 

Here you will find information about enrolment and answers to frequently asked questions that you may have.

Online Enrolment

You will receive an email notification when it is time to pre-enrol online for your programme.

As part of the online pre-enrolment process, you will activate your LSE network and email accounts. Once you have completed online pre-enrolment and activated your accounts, you will have access to online resources and teaching after approximately one hour's time once our systems have updated. The online pre-enrolment process will help to ensure that we have all the necessary and up to date information about you, including your current plans for arrival on campus.

As part of the online pre-enrolment process you will need to:

  • Check and update, if necessary, your addresses, emergency contact details and the monitoring information that you provided when you applied.
  • Tell us when you will join us in London. Students are expected to arrive in London for the start of their programme. However, some students may, exceptionally, not be able to arrive in London at the start of their studies due to coronavirus travel restrictions. 
  • Provide some additional information for the Careers Team – this is to help us better understand how we can best support you.
  • Provide some additional information about caring responsibilities - this is to help us better understand caring responsibilities of the LSE student community in order to appropriately align our services.
  • Provide some information about your COVID-19 vaccinations - LSE is working hard to keep its community safe and to provide a world leading education for our new and returning students. We would be grateful for you could answer these questions as this information will help with the planning of any response required.
  • Identity documents - if you are not expecting to attend in-person teaching from the beginning of your main programme, you will be asked to upload a clear image/scan of the photograph page of your current passport and, where relevant - and if available at this time - evidence of your immigration permission for the UK.
  • Confirm your acceptance of the updated Conditions of Registration (CoR). The current CoR includes additional statements related to our response to COVID-19 and online teaching.
  • Download your Pre-enrolment Pass that you can use on campus for temporary access when you first arrive.
  • Remember that online enrolment is only the first part of the overall enrolment process. When you arrive on campus, you will be required to attend a campus enrolment session. You will only become a fully enrolled student with access to the LSE’s on campus, physical resources and in-person teaching after you have completed on campus enrolment.  

Campus enrolment

It is very important that you attend campus enrolment.

Campus enrolment takes place in-person and is where we will check your official documents, including passport and visa. Please ensure that all admissions conditions have been completed as we cannot carry out campus enrolment until all conditions have been met.

Once you have completed campus enrolment, you will be issued your LSE Card, giving you access to campus and on-campus teaching and services.

 For your on-campus enrolment session please ensure that: 

  • You attend only the session for which you have been allocated; 
  • You have checked on your Graduate Admissions Application Tracker that there are no outstanding requirements that need to be completed before you come to the PhD Academy for on campus enrolment. We will not be able to complete your enrolment if there are outstanding requirements.

When is campus enrolment?

Wednesday 14 September


MPhil/PhD Economic History

VRS Economic History

MPhil/PhD European Institute

VRS European Institute


VRS Accounting

VRS Anthropology

VRS Economics

Thursday 15 September


Geography and Environment (all programmes)

VRS Geography


VRS Finance

MPhil/PhD Gender Institute

VRS Gender

VRS Government

Friday 16 September


VRS International Development

MPhil/PhD International History

VRS International History


MPhil/PhD Health Policy and Health Economics

VRS Health Policy

MPhil/PhD International Relations

VRS International Relations 

Monday 19 September

Due to the Queens Funeral, enrolment is cancelled for this date and has been re-scheduled to Thursday 22 September. 


Tuesday 20 September 


Media and Communications (all programmes)

VRS Media

Methodology (all programmes)

VRS Methodology


MPhil/PhD Philosophy

VRS Philosophy

Wednesday 21 September 


MPhil/PhD Social Policy

VRS Social Policy

MPhil/PhD Statistics

VRS Statistics


MPhil/PhD Psychological and Behavioural Sciences


Sociology (all programmes)

VRS Sociology

Thursday 22 September


MPhil/PhD Law


VRS Mathematics 

MPhil/PhD Mathematics


MPhil/PhD Management

Where is campus enrolment?

Campus enrolment for MPhil/PhD and visting research students will take place in the PhD Academy, LRB4.03 (Lionel Robbins Building, 4th Floor). 

To find out where the PhD Academy is located please visit Maps and Directions.

Access is via the Portugal Street entrance. Please do not go via the 4th floor of the Library as the inter-connecting door is closed. 

What do I bring to campus enrolment?

When you campus enrol we are legally required to check your eligibility to study in the UK. We do this by checking various documents. The documents you'll need vary depending on your nationality and visa (if applicable). If you do not bring the appropriate identification documents, we will not be able to campus enrol you.

For details of what you need to bring with you please visit the "what to bring to campus enrolement" page.

In order to avoid delaying your campus enrolment, please ensure that you have submitted all required documents to Graduate Admissions in good time. 

 In accordance with UK Home Office requirements, the School is required to take a scan of ALL students' passports at campus enrolment. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions to help with next steps

How do I activate my email ?

Instructions on how to activate your email can be found here.

How do I access Zoom and Microsoft Teams?

It is important for you to download Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The School has licences for both these applications and you should access both using the School's licence:

  • Information on how to download and set up your LSE Zoom account can be found here.
  • Information on how to download and set up your LSE MS Teams account be be found here.

How do I obtain a student status letter?

You can generate your own student status letters by using this link. 

How do I speak to staff about a confidential/complex query?

If would like to speak to a member of the team, please submit an enquiry and state this in your enquiry.  We will arrange for a meeting via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Telephone depending on what works best for you. 


How do I apply for an Oyster card?

If you travel frequently, you might consider purchasing a TfL 18+ Student Oyster photocard to receive a discount on Travelcard and Bus and Tram Pass season tickets. There is a non-refundable registration fee and part-time students are not generally eligible. As transport in London has been impacted by changes due to COVID-19 and guidelines can change, please refer to the information on You should submit your TfL 18+ Student Oyster Photocard application via the TfL website once you have: 

  1.  Enrolled online 
  2. Completed in person enrolment 
  3. Updated your term-time address in LSE for You to your address in London 
  4. Read the terms and conditions for TFL

I am an international student and have a query about my visa. Who should I contact?

You can contact the Student Advice and Engagement Team
using their online webform

I have a question about my stipend. Who should I contact?

You should contact the Financial Support Office by email