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Updates on Brexit Negotiations -  1 May 2019

A further extension has been granted to the date that the UK is expected to leave the EU.  The new date for Brexit is the 31 October 2019 unless a withdrawal agreement is reached before this date.

EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme Applications

The EU Settlement Scheme is now open to all including EEA and Swiss nationals from the 30 March 2019. You will also be able to apply from overseas from 07:00am on 9th April 2019.

The Settlement Scheme is an immigration application and as such you should ensure you are eligible and have the relevant documentation available before submitting an application.  A refusal can impact on your immigration history, so please ensure you read the guidance available before applying.

The UK government have produced a step-by-step guide on how to stay in the UK after it leaves the EU.

You will need to be able to access an Android phone/tablet with an NFC reader to be able to use the "EU Exit: ID Document Check" app.

UKCISA have provided comprehensive guidance on the scheme.

We have also produced a guide to completing the application form.

Do I need to submit an application now?

You do not need to submit an application at present under the pilot testing phase, but you can do so if you wish. Our team will give you the options available so you can make a decision based on your personal circumstances.

Can you help me submit my application for Settled Status?

We have produced a Frequently Asked Questions infosheet and .  ISVAT have also purchased an Android tablet to assist students who cannot access the app as they do not have any access to an Android device.  We are able to assist with any questions, but are only available to provide appointments for those needing to access the app.

If you are planning to apply using the Settlement Scheme, the best advice you can receive now is to start preparing your evidence of eligiblity as outlined in Appendix A of the following document:

EU Settlement Scheme: EU citizens and their family members

I applied under the Pilot Scheme. How do I get a refund?

If you paid £65 for your application under the pilot, this will be refunded automatically to the card you used for your applications.  Refunds started to be processed from the 30 March 2019 and we are aware of some refunds having been processed already.

External Advice

The Free Movement Blog has a useful summary of how to apply for "settled status".

How to apply for "settled status" for EU citizens

There is also a YouTube video of a mock application.

Immigration Post Brexit

Immigration for new arrivals in the event of a no-deal

The government have released details of the proposal for new arrivals in the event of no-deal. The date of implementation is dependant on when the extension to Article 50 will end.  Further details can be found on the UKCISA web pages:

Home Office guidance for EEA and Swiss nationals if 'no deal'

At present, there are no rules or policy guidance available for this route. Once we have further information, we will update our guidance.

Immigration Rules post Brexit Transition Period

As yet, we do not know what the immigration routes will be for those people arriving after the 31 December 2020. The Immigration White Paper was released in December 2018, but these are only at the proposal stage and will be dependant on the situation post Brexit.


Health Insurance whilst in the UK

Note: In the event of a no deal, reciprocal healthcare arrangements may change depending on agreements.  Once there are further details available, we will let you know.

You do not need evidence of Comprehensive Sickness Insurance  for an EU Settlement Scheme application. However, it is a requirement that that EU/EEA students and their family members have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance to be able to access health care in the UK.

If you only intend to access your right of free movement on a temporary basis, you can obtain an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home country before travelling to the UK. This will enable you to access free medical treatment whilst in the UK. EHIC covers the requirement for Comprehensive Sickness Insurance if you only intend to access your right of free movement on a temporary basis. EHICs have an expiry date so you must ensure that you have a valid card throughout your studies.  

You cannot apply for your EHIC in the UK.  Without it you could be charged for using the NHS, unless you have alternative medical insurance with sufficient cover. 

You will need to check with your own country on your eligiblity for EHIC depending on the period if time you will be resident in the UK.

If you have lost or forgotten your EHIC, you may be able to obtain a 'provisional replacement certificate'.

If you are a dual national but are not ordinarily resident in the EU country of your dual nationality, you are unlikely to be eligible for an EHIC.  In this case, you will need to obtain Comprehensive Sickness Insurance  to cover any health care if you plan to enter the UK using your EU/EEA nationality rather than Tier 4.

If you intend to access your right of free movement on a long-term basis, you will need to source alternative forms of Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as an EHIC card will not be suitable.

We are unable to recommend medical insurance, but you must obtain this before travelling to the UK. You can find government information on Comprehensive Sickness Insurance at UKVI

Family Members

Dependants of EU/EEA or Swiss nationals

ISVAT specialises in the UK student immigration rules, so we are unable to assist with applications for dependants of EU/EEA or Swiss nationals.

General information can be found on the following web pages at UKCISA and GOV.UK

LSE Brexit FAQs for Students

FAQs for students on issues other than immigration can be found on the LSE web pages:

FAQs for students

External Sources of Advice

The latest update from UKCISA is available here:

Brexit: what we know for EEA students and their family

UKCISA advice for students on post-Brexit rules and entitlements

The UK government has information for UK and EU nationals on how to prepare for Brexit:

Prepare for EU Exit

We also recommend that you sign up for email alerts from the UKVI on the following web page:

Status of EU nationals


The information on this page is based on the information available on the 22 March 2019. In the current climate, this is subject to change at short notice.

The International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The advice provided by ISVAT is in accordance with the current immigration rules and policy guidance.  You are therefore strongly advised to check the most up to date information before submitting any visa application or travelling to the UK. It is your responsibility to read the guidance available and ensure you meet the immigration rules before submitting an application.




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