Tell someone about an incident

If you prefer, you can report an incident in-person rather than reporting it online.

By talking to someone, you can access additional support as you go through the reporting process.

You may also choose to speak to someone about your experiences without making a formal report.

Who can I speak to?

Safe Contacts

Safe Contacts offer confidential sign posting. They will be able to listen, refer to other services and help people decide if they would like to report their experience to LSE.

They can support with practical things such as attending meetings and providing supporting letters for extensions. 

You can also disclose your experiences to a Safe Contact as way to access support and tell LSE what has happened, without making a formal report yourself.

Safe Contacts will make a report on your behalf - anonymously if you wish - unless you ask the Safe Contact not to do so.

Both students and staff can speak to a Safe Contact.

Get in touch with a Safe Contact

Others people at LSE you can speak to

Dr Pete Evanson, Deputy Head of Student Services (Advice and Policy)

Dr Pete Evanson is a Safe Contact and is experienced in supporting students through what can be a difficult initial period after they have just reported an incident, and may be unsure about the next steps.

During the initial meeting, Pete will explain the various options for pursuing a report or complaint. 

As any case progresses, Pete can provide a link between student support services (such as Student Wellbeing Services or LSE LIFE) and the student's Department, as well as advising and guiding on School procedures (for example, deferring assessment(s) or interrupting).

Students can contact Pete at

The Legal Team (Secretary's Division)

Kevin Haynes, Lima Hussain and Mariachiara Valsecchi in LSE's Legal Team are responsible for advising on a wide variety of legal matters across the School.

Part of their role lies in investigating Student Complaints and Student Disciplinary matters at the formal stage of the Student Complaints Procedure and the Disciplinary Procedure for Students

Students who wish to initiate the formal stage of the procedure can directly report an allegation of major misconduct to the team. 

The team would meet with a reporting party, and a reported party(ies) (if applicable), collate evidence from the party(ies), consider all the relevant School conditions, policies and procedures that may apply and fully investigate the allegation in a fair, independent and impartial manner before writing a report and making a recommendation(s) to the School Secretary, Louise Nadal. The School Secretary would consider the report and supporting evidence before making a decision on outcome and issuing a penalty(ies) where the allegation is upheld.

Students can contact the Legal team by sending an email to one or more of the following email addresses:

More information about the Legal Team and how they can support you, can be found on the Legal Team webpage.

Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy Adviser

The Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy Adviser can provide a safe confidential space to speak about what you have been through.

They can a support you through the reporting process, and support you with accessing support services both internally at LSE and externally. They can also support and inform you about reporting to the police.

You can contact them at

Residential Services Team

The Residential Services Team at LSE is made up of Wardens, Subwardens, Res Life staff, Hall Committee members and student Peer Supporters.

Subwardens act as first point of contact for students in halls - including out-of-hours and at weekends - and will signpost students to other support services or escalate incidents or reports to their Warden or the Head of Residential Life, James Greenwood.

You are able to disclose or report incidents that occur within LSE accommodation to Wardens and Subwardens. A Warden or their nominee can investigate alleged misconduct under the LSE Student Accommodation Disciplinary Code or also refer the matter to the Legal Team to investigate formally where it involves major misconduct.

You can contact the Warden and Subwarden teams by emailing

Find contacts in halls

 Human Resources Division

The Human Resources (HR) team supports staff, including students who are also employed as a member of staff. Each area of the School has its own dedicated HR Partner, who you can contact directly about specific HR-related issues. A list of HR partners and the division or department they are allocated to, can be found on the HR people page

HR partners are responsible for advising on the investigation process and potential outcome when a student makes a complaint against a member of staff. They also follow up on any reports of harassment, discrimination and / or bullying made by staff - either through ‘Report It, Stop It’, or other channels. They will advise managers on the appropriate process to follow in investigating a complaint and potential routes for resolution where appropriate, including mediation.

Contact your HR Partner

 EDI Team

You can speak with the EDI Team if you have any concerns after being subjected to bullying, discrimination, harassment or sexual violence. They can support you with accessing support internally or externally and provide you with information on the reporting process.

You can reach out to the EDI team via their email

Harassment Management Group

The purpose of this group is to consider high risk major misconduct cases via a risk assessment, and consider what reasonable temporary precautionary measures may need to be imposed on a student whilst a disciplinary investigation is pending. A decision is then issued to the student who will have a right of appeal against that decision should they wish to exercise it.

This process is separate from the disciplinary investigation, and often triggers an investigation by the Legal Team. Any member of staff can report to this group. What may be considered as high risk is where there may be a continued risk to a reporting party, to themselves, to a member of staff and any other member of the LSE community.

Members and contact details for the Harassment Management Group