Maintenance services

The maintenance department consists of 20 technicians and 3 supervisors. There are normally 3 supervisor and 17 technicians from 8 – 4pm Monday to Friday. From 4 – 11pm there is 1 electrician and another trade Monday to Friday.

The team look after the 30 buildings across campus. This includes looking after the maintenance of 107 lifts and 28 boiler houses and dealing with 60 + contractors. They deal with 11,000 customer requests as well as carrying out planned preventative maintenance and emergencies.

The remit of the maintenance team is extremely wide and includes:

  • Providing a responsive maintenance service to address emergencies and failures.

  • Planned maintenance of the major elements of equipment and plant together with other cyclical work.

For emergency maintenance please ring 2444.
For other maintenance requests please see the Helpdesk request page


Don't Walk Past - Report It
If you see a fault or defect with any facility on campus please report.


Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and building temperature
BEMS explained, where and how we use it and the benefits.


Planned maintenance
The maintenance team carry out a scheduled of planned preventative maintenance.


Helpdesk requests
They deal with enquiries, liaise with other sections and departments, manage service requests from LSE customers, manage complaints and queries, analyse/respond to feedback, produce statistics / management reports and newsletters..