Reduce the associated carbon emissions from commuting, business travel and the transportation of goods and services. See the LSE Sustainable Travel Plan for more detail.


Making a sustainable travel choice  

To reduce the impact of your travel, choose a transport mode with a lower carbon impact:

travel hierachy

Commuting to campus

The LSE campus is easily accessible by public transport and choosing active travel options, such as walking and cycling, supports your health and wellbeing.

To encourage the adoption of walking and cycling, we:

  • Promote the benefits of walking and cycling, for instance in halls of residence.

  • Offer staff the Cyclescheme to reduce the cost of buying a bike.

  • Run free bike maintenance events for staff, students and the public. 

  • Have two bike maintenance stands on campus for cyclists.

  • Work to improve the cycling facilities on campus (parking, lockers, showers).

  • Liaise with our local Councils to improve walking and cycling access to campus.

  • Liaise and consult with the LSE Bicycle User Group.

Business travel

We take steps to reduce the carbon emissions associated with LSE’s business travel:  

  • Actively encourage staff to take a hybrid approach when organising meetings, seminars or conferences as part of our Digital Smart LSE campaign. 

  • Provide a state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities on campus for staff to be able to hold global meetings and media interviews.

  • Raise awareness of the most sustainable travel option available for all necessary business travel journeys.  

  • Purchase carbon credits to mitigate the emissions of all air and rail booked through LSE’s travel supplier Diversity Travel. 


Transport of goods and services

We take steps to lower the impact of deliveries of goods or suppliers coming to campus: 

  • Our courier services provider uses push bikes for central London deliveries.

  • Our stationery supplies provider uses 100% electric vans for deliveries.

  • Our mechanical maintenance contractor also uses electric vans.

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