KEI Training

Upcoming training in the skills needed for knowledge exchange

If there is a particular skill you would like to develop please contact us at and we can consider this in planning future training sessions.

Broadcast media training Lent Term 2020

Are you an academic that wants to learn how to do commanding broadcast media interviews about your research?


If you are interested in signing up or would like to discuss further please contact Sue Windebank in the Media Relations Office on or 020 7849 4624.

Lunch and Learns

These sessions are primarily aimed at researchers (of any level), but open to PS staff to attend if you are interested in developing your support for knowledge exchange within your Department. Lunch is provided. 

The 2020 sessions will be advertised here in due course. Email Hayley Reed to receive an email notification when sessions resume.

Previous sessions and resources

How to be a digital academic (Part 1)

Why you should use social media, how to build your networks and the best ways of effectively engaging audiences in research. Speakers include: Chris Gilson (blog editor, podcast producer and co-author of Communicating Your Research with Social Media) and Jean Liu (Head of Product at Altmetric).
Resources from this session

How to be a digital academic (Part 2)
Exploring blogging, podcasting and media engagement. Speakers include: Rob Booth (Social Affairs Correspondent for the Guardian), Cheryl Brumley (Senior Producer of podcasts at the Economist) and members of the LSE Blogs team.
Resources from this session

Importance of design in research communication
How you present your research including data visualisation and infographics. Speakers include: Irene de la Torre Arenas from the BBC Visual Journalism team.
Resources from this session

How to engage policy makers
Speakers include: Anna Connell Smith from the Education Select Committee and George McGregor, Managing Partner of Interel UK, a public affairs consultancy, and a former Special Adviser.
Resources from this session

So, you've published a book/book chapter, what next?
Top tips on how to promote your publications with expertise from publishing, media and academic colleagues who have recently been through the experience. Speakers include: Sean McDonagh, Head of Academic Engagement at Rowman and Littlefield International; Rose Deller, Editor of the LSE Review of Books; Jess Winterstein, Deputy Head of Media Relations; Louise Jones, Senior Communications Manager; Benjamin Martill, who has recently published a chapter in Gender and Queer Perspectives on Brexit; Dr Sam Friedman, who recently published The Class Ceiling to wide acclaim; and award-winning writer and PhD researcher Winnie M Li.
Resources from this session

Building a research project website
How to build a project website within the CMS. What makes for good content? How should it be presented to be most engaging with the tools available? And how can you measure whether it is meeting your objectives?
Resources from this session

Community engagement
How to engage with local communities around research projects. This will include practical advice on how to get started and how to interest people in your work, as well as a discussion of how it links to policy engagement at a local level. Speakers include: Sarah Allan, Head of Engagement at Involve; a representative from Westminster City Council; and colleagues who have engaged with communities in their work and will share their experiences.
Resources from this session

Public speaking for researchers

Over five weeks, this series of workshops will show you how to organise your presentation in a way that brings your audience along with you, step by step. The course will also teach you how to communicate persuasively through a host of tips related to slide format, timing and delivery. Finally, this course will help you to introduce a bit of yourself into your public speaking, so that your presentations sparkle with wit and originality. You can also book on to individual workshops.

  1. Introduction: Voice, Authenticity and Good Starts
  2. Clarity and Coherence
  3. Delivery: Verbal, Non-Verbal and Visuals
  4. Preparation: Nerves, Timing and Managing the Q and A
  5. Speaking to a wider audience 

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Training at the PhD Academy

This training is open to PhD students. The programme with booking information is available at the PhD Academy events, courses and training listings.

Research commercialisation training

LSE Research and Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of a series of workshops aimed at developing skills and knowledge for supporting translational research, innovation and commercialisation activities. The workshops have been developed with and will be delivered by Oxentia - Oxford's Global Innovation Consultancy - in conjunction (in some instances) with invited external experts. They are aimed primarily at all LSE professional services staff involved in research support, KEI, consulting, commercialisation and business engagement. Register by emailing  

For more training for researchers at LSE visit Organisational Learning's research staff career development pages.